How Do We Really Redistribute Wealth

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For example, say you earn your money productively. Say a robber puts gun in your head. There will be a reasonable probability that the robbers will get your money even though he does nothing productive to you.

Things sort of work that way in a society. Sometimes, a group of people gets bigger share, not because that group is more productive. They get bigger share because they have military and political power to press their demand.

It’s comforting to believe in a morality value. We believe that US do not nuke China because it’s the right thing. We believe that China do not nuke US also because it’s the right thing.

It doesn’t work that way. Life is a gun fight. The way we don’t get killed is by either killing the others or making credible threat not to kill us.

The ways we make credible threats are by actually do some killing. That’s why I support death penalty for those who really ask for it.

Robbers are not really better of compared to under capitalism. Robbing sets precedents that go back to them.

It’s natural that the one more capable gets bigger share.

For example, less capable individuals, out of envy bigotry, demands total redistribution of wealth under communism.

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