How Do We Really Redistribute Wealth

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How do we distribute wealth among us?

Some people would say that we distribute our wealth proportional to productivity within capitalistic society.

I do not mean how we distribute our wealth within capitalistic society. I also do not mean how we “should” distribute our wealth.

I mean how we actually distribute our wealth.

Wealth and natural resources gets divided roughly proportional to political power.

For example, in North Korea, the wealth goes to Kim Jong Il. In Arab, the oil money goes to the King.

Capitalism is simply a special case of those norms. In capitalistic society people have strong commitment to reward power to those who productively earn it.

Again, in capitalistic countries, those who earn money productively have a certain political power, namely power over their wealth.

It’s your money means you decide how you should spend your money. If it’s your time and life, then you decide how you should spend your time and run your life.

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