How Decissions are Made

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

If I were the governor would I stop the riots? Think it this way. The riots are popular. I want to win an election.

If my states are filled with left-wing voters, I would be more sympathetic to their cause if the looting happens. If anything it’ll be politically costly for me to kill say, 500 looters, to send a message.

But what about if my state is full with right wingers? I will massacre the looters. It’s democracy. I do what the voters wish.

Is this the right thing to do? When I think about right and wrong, I am not a politician.

Right and wrong is what voters think. It’s what they eat. A politician, like a governor, care only about votes. It’s how democracy works.

And that put a certain value on things that are hard to compute. Which one is more valuable? The looters’ life or buildings?

For who? Obviously, an owner of life and buildings would rather what they own is not destroyed. My hammock worths more than 1000 looters’ life and my life worths more than 1000 WTC. If I can choose, I’ll destroy the less worthy, or let the less worthy destroyed.

Well, which one is more valuable to voters? Which one is more valuable to a governor in reelection. That’s the key.

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