How can we make people moderate?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

What makes a person moderate or extremist?

The short answer is competition. Competition makes everyone moderate. When shops compete, those who ask for too high price or too low prices tend to go out of business.

I once ordered a hotel for 3 some with a very pretty mensa material Sugar Baby.

I ordered via an app called Traveloka. When we arrived at the hotel, there is a sign that says it’s a Shariah hotel. Couple that are not married must not go there.

Obviously we’re not married. Indonesian don’t allow 2 bro and one girl to marry each other yet. Not even in US that’s legal.

But I paid for the room. I didn’t know it’s shariah hotel before I ordered. It isn’t fair.

The room boys don’t seem to care. He just told me that I get cheaper rate if I ordered directly instead of through apps.

The hotel is not designed for BDSM party. The window is covered only by a curtain. People inside can see outside but not via versa. So not very private.

So I went in and start fondling my girl. My bro protested though.

We need better hotel. I am not comfortable here.

I thought so what? Better hotel can be for next session.

My bro finally found a better hotel. So we went out to that better hotel.

Because I definitely don’t need the shariah hotel anyway, I ask the office receptionist.

I told him that my friend and his gf wanna come here. Is it okay?

The receptionist say, yes. We don’t allow open BO where prostitutes stay in the room and get in with anyone. But if you bring your own girl, it’s okay.

What a moderate muslim.

But why is he moderate?

Because he is in hotel business. If he makes strange rules like only real husband and wife can fuck in the hotel, he’ll be out of business.

Competition makes even muslims moderate.

Lack of competition makes anyone extremist. Many US company with monopoly have tons of complaints with customer service.

Governments all over the world have been more moderate thanks to globalization. Without globalization tax rate will go very high. Thanks to globalization, we can keep minimum wage low and most profit can go to those truly contributing to economy, like high IQ start up founders.

We need to make governments compete and that’ll make everyone moderate.

Of course there is a corollary on this principle. There is such thing as moderate muslim. The one working in competitive industry where the market rules are moderate.

The market and only the market makes everyone moderate.

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