High IQ Supremacism

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Many people think I am racist due to my posts. I am not.

Even if I am racist, why would I side with white in favor or black and via versa? What’s the point? I am not white. I am definitely not a white supremacist.

That being said, I contemplate something else. What about high IQ supremacism? I am not that either, but let’s contemplate the idea for a while.

We indeed are superior. Many government rules tend to work against the interest of high IQ. Age based education tends to slow high IQ people down.

When the left uses blacks as symbol they pick a race that happens to have lower IQ average. Average. I am actually a fan of many black people like Thomas Showell. See, I am not racist. I like high IQ people irrelevant of race.

High IQ tends to earn more money than low IQ people and hence welfare redistribution of wealth tend to hurt us.

I don’t know now, when I was young, many high IQ students were often bullied or beaten up because they are mixed with dumb students. Often teachers do nothing, sort of want it.

High IQ tend to think for themselves and have more politically incorrect opinions. Why I am very critical of black life matter?

Show me a case where an ethnic group has higher IQ but lower income?

Show me a case in any country where a group of people with high IQ average commit more crime get arrested more by cops and get killed and so on and so on.

It’s not race. It’s IQ. Thinking that its race is dishonest and hurt high IQ people. I do not hate black or love white or the other way around. Why would I?

I do think that it’s simply natural that an individual with higher IQ earns more money and get shot less. Last tests show that white people tend to have high IQ than black.

So those people with high IQ, irrelevant of race, tend to earn more. So I am critical because I do not see this as a racial issue at all. I am seeing this as a natural phenomenon where high IQ people earn more. Somehow it’s twisted into a racial issue. I think that’s dishonest.

As members of high IQ organization, we should condemn such dishonesty. It hurts high IQ people. It hurt high IQ blacks in US. They’re not the ones getting shot by cops.

A high IQ black will have a lower probability of getting shot by cops than a low IQ white. So why should we care about those who do?

The probability that a mensan black in US to be successful is most likely the same with the probability that a mensan white is successful.

This is a high IQ society. We are here not because of the color of our skin. We shouldn’t care so much about the race of who gets shot by cops or who are poor and so on. We should care about the IQ of those people. Any stats?

When we see the stats and see that those poorer and get killed by cops more are not us anyway, we should shrug our shoulders and be grateful for our genes.

I think people in high IQ societies, like Mensa, should think about IQ when they analyze government policies. Not whether it helps the poor or the rich, not whether it helps whites or blacks.

Perhaps we should just think, will this benefit the high IQ? That’s what we should strive for.

Globalization, bitcoin, internet marketing, start up founders raking in billions, trillions while the rest live in poverty is not something we should lament. It’s good. It’s the way it should be.

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