High IQ Policies

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

What government policies are good for high IQ and what’s bad on average? I would say absolute or relative. War benefits high IQ relatively but bad for everyone including high IQ on average. I’ll give samples.

Globalization and automation are good. That’s because the low IQ jobs are the ones replaced first.

Also, it benefits the economy as a whole. So it benefits high IQ in relative and absolute terms, on average. Age-based education is bad.

It slows down high IQ people. Everyone moves at the same speed. Capitalism is good. High IQ tend to earn more money under capitalism.

Affirmative action? Bad. It’s just racism. Also, many high IQ advantages are curbed under the pretext that it’s racist.

Government-sponsored eugenic is bad for high IQ. Usually, the one gets slaughtered is the high IQ (jews in ww2).

Free market eugenic is good for high IQ. People finding smart mates help high IQ reproduces. There is a market for high IQ sperms and eggs. High IQ people are more likely to reproduce.

Abortion is good for high IQ. Low IQ people abort babies more.

Drug legalization is good for high IQ. High IQ people are more likely to use drugs and less likely to get addicted. Many high IQ people benefit greatly from drug usage. Some notable ones include Steve Jobs that got inspired by using LSD.

Welfare is bad for high IQ. High IQ people are less likely on welfare and more likely to have rich parents.

Certification is good for high IQ. High IQ people learn faster and can simply get certified to show their abilities. Relative to degrees, certifications like MBA is good for high IQ.

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