Help is Coming to Africa

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Look, may be I am a little sarcastic. Help does coming to Africa. It comes not in the form of altruism. It comes in the form of selfish trade.

Before, western power, would lend money to those African country, which translate into loaning money to their dictators and pretty much make the poor peasants cosign those hefty loan.

How could you?

Not even I would be that callous, but that’s pretty much what all those forced altruism is really about, robbery in disguise, often under the pretext of helping the very victim.

Now the Chinese are simply trading with those Africans and everyone economy is improving.

Again and again selfishness help, while altruism destroy.

It’s not that hard to imagine when you realize that altruism and anything is truly just a form of selfishness. Even our children are biologically mere tools to produce grand children and that’s the real reason why we “love” them so much.

If our children is not useful for our own reproductive success, the traits to love them would not have evolved so widely among our species.

We are selfish. There is masked selfishness, which is apparent altruism, and there is unmask selfishness. The latter is unmasked because the relationship is win win anyway and win win relationship is the basis of all profitable relationship.

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