Heil Covid

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I always think that schools must be online.

What is the point of thousands of teachers teaching the same stuff again and again in front of thousands of classes?

It makes more sense to put one very smart teacher to make a video of teaching, put on youtube, once. Something like Khan Academy.

If kids have questions they can go to discussion forums like Math stackexchange.

Governments, or some big organizations, can give standardized tests and tada, a degree. I suspected that the true purpose of school is as jail for young kids so they don’t compete in the job market.

Another purpose is to make every kid looks equally bright by ensuring they move at the same speed. Another use is to simply create jobs for teachers. Of course, all this time, people think I am an idiot to think that way.

Then, we got COVID. Then what? Then things are pretty much more like I think it should be.

Why didn’t this happen from the beginning? If this is what COVID brings, COVID 10k years


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