Harsh Punishment?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor


This girl gets permanent chemical castration for what she did when she was 13.

US laws can be very harsh.

Yet people think having children while being poor should not be subject to temporary sterilization.

I would rather temporarily sterilize my cat than neutering them. It seems we have very different ideas of what serious harm is and what “light punishment” is.

To me, even temporary chemical castration is a very harsh sentence. Life chemical castration?

Wow. That’s pretty much the death penalty.

The death penalty, the maximum sentence western civilization gives, only takes your life.

We all gonna die. Many things worth dying for. If I can risk my life and arrange that sperms in banks are all mine without anyone knowing it, I’ll do it.

Chemical castration kicks you out from the gene pool for real. That’s way harsher.

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