Gods Above Us

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I’ve been thinking there are indeed gods above us.

The word Elohim, in Hebrew, actually means powers, instead of gods. There are indeed “powers” above us. Our instinctive nature to personify anything turn those powers into gods.

Look at gravity. It’s power. You can jump, and it’ll pull you there. Is it like a person? No. You can say there is Grev, the God of gravity that pulls you down every time you jump. But there is gravity there.

So is lightning. Zeus has been busy. Saying that there is a god, Zeus, that creates those lightning doesn’t break any laws of physics. But there are electrical potential differences between the clouds and that’s how lightning is produced. Well, that’s just how Zeus works. Through voltage differences. Know the way of Zeus works, and many things will be added to you. You can even create LED TV and light bulb.

The market is a god too. A very benevolent and just god. Assigning property right to things, including things that’s not normal like, well stuffs, patents, trademarks, intellectual properties lead to the efficient allocation of resources. Starting conditions actually affect little and don’t affect the actual allocation of resources.

Now we assign property rights to environment rights. Polluting companies simply pay households for polluting. If the hurt due to polluting is less than the productivity the company makes, it makes sense to just trade away. Latter, I think citizenship and residency should be like property too.

As a god, the market punish nations that are commies and reward nations that embrace the market principle.

Nation-states are gods too. They are obviously more powerful than us. And this is why libertarians are not successful when they fight nation states. Libertarians don’t realize the divinity of nation states, or at least the power. Libertarians think that nation states are just like humans. Mere humans can’t tax you. A mighty god, called the state can.

A mystical god that governs all those? That I have a hard time seeing.

I see gods. I don’t see God yet.

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