Genetic Lottery and Racism

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I think there is this idea is even if some people win genetic lottery more, it’s still racist.

How? I think the real issue is that some people win genetic lottery makes the one that’s not winning jealous.

Of course, races tend to have different proportions of those winning genetic lottery. So, they turn this into racial issue.

What they really want is equality against those winning genetic lottery.
That means against, say, the high IQ.

So the issue of BLM isn’t really racism. Some have high IQ and earn a lot. Some have low IQ and earn less and get shot by cops more.

It just happens that any trait, like IQ or skin color, is not even distributed equally among races. It’ll be highly coincident if all races have the exact same IQ average given that they don’t even come in droves from the same place and time.

So they can make it look as if the issue is racism.

So why “racism” in NBA isn’t an issue? That’s because unlike IQ, athletic ability isn’t such a big thing in most income distribution. On average, in most societies, IQ gives far more edges than any other traits. So woke always favor races with lower IQ average.

IQ is what mainly separate humans than other animals. It’s what separate us from them.

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