Gedopi a Non Eugenic Doctor

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

One day, Bob brings his son to his government appointed doctor, Dr. Gedopi.

“Good morning Dr. Gedopi,” says Bob.

“Good morning,” says Dr. Gedopi.

“My son’s eyes have an itch,” says Bob.

“Okay, let me check that. Well, congratulations, your sons have healthy baby Tze Tze flies larvae on the eyes,” says Dr. Gedopi.

“Oh, what do they do?” asks Bob.

“Well, it’ll eat out your sons’ eyes unless we remove them,” says Dr. Gedopi

“Well, you will remove them right?” says Bob.

“No. Those larvae have as much right to live as anyone. The larvae have not done anything wrong. They don’t deserve to die. All lives are sacred,” explains Dr. Gedopi.

“Well, I don’t know much about things being sacred. But what business do we have in helping them live. It’s simply much easier and cheaper to just kill those parasites,” asks Bob.

“Why you call something parasites? That is offensive. Not only that, we’ll never know. One day those larvae may become tax paying doctors, lawyers, programmers, affiliates, businessmen, farmers, traders, or start up founders as competent and wise as Bill Gates,” says Dr. Gedopi.

“I would disagree. I really do not think those larvae will be a tax paying doctors, lawyers, programmers, etc… or anything. Look, their dad is a parasite, their mom is a parasite, and they’ve been parasites for generations to generations. Parasites breed parasites, not productive citizens,” says Bob.

“Who are you to condemn such creatures to such a bleak future? We’d never know. Our life depends on what we choose. It’s not decided when we are born,” says Dr. Gedopi.

“Dr. the larvae could not possibly be doctors’ lawyers or programmers because they do not have the right genes. None of their family has been doctors’ lawyers or programmers. This is not decided when they are born. This has been decided long before they are born,” protests Bob. Bob then shows evolutionary chart showing the location of the last common ancestors between the larvae and a doctor and lawyer must have been.

“See, looks like the family split up somewhere here when we evolve cells’ lipid membrane,” explains Bob.

“What are you? A disgusting eugenic? Not simply because one doesn’t have the right genes means they can’t be productive members of society. Yet you choose to condemn these hapless being long before they show any merit. All they need is smaller class size, proper government funded education. We just need to make sure they got all their basic humans’ right,” says Dr. Gedopi.

“Doctor, the larvae are not even human!” protests Bob.

“Ah I see, so you’re a collectivist? Simply because our species have built all these technologies does not mean you deserve any credit. All that matter is individuals, not collective species. People that count on achievements of their group instead of their own are disgusting,” protests Dr. Gedopi.

“Okay cool. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe those larvae can indeed become doctors, lawyers or programmers, or whatever. The fact is they aren’t productive now and definitely not without money. Who will pay for all these costs?” asks Bob.

“Well, their parents should support them of course. However, their parents are poor and can’t afford them. Moreover, because we do not know who the parents of these larvae are, I guess it’s up to government, and hence, tax payers, to provide necessary smaller classes and proper education to ensure that these larvae have as much chance to be doctors, lawyers, and programmers as Bill Gates’ son,” explains Dr. Gedopi.

“Who will take all those risks if they don’t? What about if after all we spend to educate and feed them their tax they pay is lower than what we spend?” asks Bob.

“Well, it’s simply the job of more capable individuals to help all of our children,” explains Dr. Gedopi.

“They’re not my children,” protest Bob.

“Okay, so basically these parasites can breed as many children as possible and governments will just pay for it?” asks Bob, “This is meanwhile those who truly are productive are sent to jail for failing to pay $50k per month child support?”

“How could you be so cold hearted? Imagine if you are one of those larvae and you don’t get a proper education, you too wouldn’t be a good programmer like you are now,” says Dr. Gedopi.

“Actually I would, because I learn from the internet,” explains Bob.

“Well, not all people like you. These parasites cannot. Hence they need government funded education,” explains Dr. Gedopi.

“So because somebody cannot mean my tax have to pay for their incompetence,” asks Bob.

“That’s only fair. Give everyone an equal chance and see how things go,” says Dr. Gedopi quoting Plato, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Dalai Lama, and a bunch of other moral authoriteys.

“Your problem is you simply do not realize how privileged you are,” explains Dr. Gedopi, “See, you are born in a good family that provides good education. You came from a long dynasty of programmers. Hence you have the privilege of talent. Your environment provides you with a good working habit since you are young. All those are advantages that the parasites do not have.”

“Okay. So what?” asks Bob.

“Well, in ideal world, everybody has the same chance to be successful irrelevant of intelligence, talent, family structures, hard work habit, conscientiousness trait, common sense, or other privileges. If success means earning $1million, that chance is 1.53% and that should be the same for everyone,” explains Dr. Gedopi.

“If everybody got the same chance to be successful, why bother going to school, working hard, choosing better education for children. Why not just draw a lottery and give $1 million to whoever is in the range?” asks Bob.

“People like you are the most disgusting people on earth. I totally agree that government should support the majestic welfare parasites because they are not capable to be productive anyway. Yet why healthy capable people like you, chose to slack of and think you deserve success. All that are able to work should work. From each according to ability,” explains Dr. Gedopi.

“So before we spend money, you think that somehow these parasites can be productive and that justify spending money on them. After they mess up latter, you simply said that it’s not their fault because they can’t be successful in the first place. Then it justifies spending even more money for their children. So they can or they can’t, which one is right?” asks Bob.

Bob then brings his son to another doctor that quickly removes the larvae. Both Bob and the doctor get shot by cops for using unlicensed doctors unassigned by government.

“Using unlicensed doctors are very dangerous. We need to protect the public from illegal and unlicensed drug or doctor usage,” says Ann, a NHCDP (Nationalized Health Care Death Panel) spoke person.

“What about the children?” screams Charlie, a PAIUDOD leader, (Parents against Illegal and Unapproved Drugs or Doctors).

“It’s inhuman to let important aspects of our life governed completely by market mechanism,” explains Don, a commentator. “Just as it is inhuman to respect others’ freedom, come up with scientifically clear and unambiguous statement to support ones’ political position, or understand life’s as purely mechanical processes. Humans simply don’t do that. At least the neuro typical people of the species do not typically do that.” Don adds.

The parasites breed and breed and breed. Soon there are more parasites than productive people. Democracy ensure that productive are tax more heavily to support the parasites.

Bob’s son, Tot, studies programming in government public school, which is now the only school because the rest are unlicensed and unassigned or heavily taxed.

“Technically we’re not taxing private school. We just heavily tax everyone and subsidy public schools,” explains Ethan, a proponent of even bigger public school spending. “The total money is equivalent with another scheme where we actually fine or tax private school. However, we simply don’t tax. Moreover, we also do not force anyone to get married. We just criminalize most preferable ‘he pays she fucks’ popular alternatives,” Ethan, a democratic analyst, explains further. “Guess what, nobody has to pay tax in this country, they just go to jail if they don’t. The filing of tax return is completely voluntary. We simply jail those who don’t volunteer,” Ethan further elaborates.

“Well, they can go to jail or they can fight back for their freedom or be a psychopath politician that chew all those tax money,” Fiona adds further.

The teacher in Tot’s school is Mrs. Gedopi.

“All right children, today we will learn how to build a cocoon and methamorph into a fly,” says Mrs. Gedopi.

Tot flunks those classes and hence can never graduate.

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