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Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Now, many of us have enjoyed ganja legalization. Other drugs have followed.

How can that happen? Most people thought that drugs bring violent while thugs control territory and maintain cartels.

This fits nicely to statist rhetoric. They criminalize drugs. Drive the price high. High drug prices create cartels. Those cause violent. Then the authority uses that fact to fed us with the narratives to criminalize even more drugs.

To be honest, the drug themselves, like many high margin service/product tend to attract thugs to control it. I am not blaming anyone here.
One guy, breaks the chain. By creating silk road, he allows people to buy drugs online.

Because of him, no body, not criminalization, not the drug cartels, can raise the drug price.

Long before drugs are legalized, he effectively make it legal, through market mechanism.

Free market reign.

And it works.

And the public see. Drugs are available anyway and it’s okay.

Few get addicted. Few died. Forced legalization works.

And government, wanting votes from voters with common sense, do the obvious. They know the emperor wears no clothes. They know the horse is really a deer. They always know it. But now they know the people know too.

Finally, they legalize harmless drugs. More and more.

Unfortunately, Ross was caught. The evidence is most likely collected illegally. To be frank, he was careless. His bitcoin seized and he’s jailed for life even though he did nothing morally wrong.

He’s a programmer. You don’t like his code, just don’t use it.

Sign the petition. Free this saint.

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