Fiona Understand What it Truly Means to be Human

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Ann is a staunch feminist. She marched through the Supreme Court demanding that all hot babes are sent to concentration camp.

“We have always asserted to men that women are NOT sex objects,” said Ann, “That has been the prevailing opinion all this time.”

“Because women are not sex objects, you cannot interbreed with them and produce fertile offspring. That means they are not members of the same species with men. Because humanity is a species, that means they’re not human (Q.E.D),” argues Ann confidently, “Nor would your evolutionary proven cognitive neurons hard wired in your brain, or amygdala specifically, give any signals that suggest that pretty voluptuous women are sex objects.”

“Well, what about if hot women are indeed sex objects?” asked Bob in protest.

Bob then got killed by RPG in recent mass demonstration for questioning the most sacrosanct ideas of liberal western civilization.

“You don’t get more politically incorrect than that,” said Judge Charlie.

“Someone said, if you’re a star, they let you do it. Women like stars,” Bob spoke before being killed

“No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever,” Reince Priebus answered.

“I am not sure what you mean by should or shouldn’t be said. Is it true? Someone told me that my dad did much more than grabbing my mom’s pussy and she did let him. Dad would actually put his cock deep inside mom’s pussy. Actually that’s how I was conceived,” asks Bob again.

A large gasp sounds are heard.

“His parents are heterosexual,” screams somebody.

“That’s how their kind reproduce,” screams another.

“What he said is just unthinkable. What about the children?” another mob angrily yells.

After that nobody can stop everyone for launching RPG to Bob.

“Next thing we know he’ll say women prefer the rich,” Charlie adds. “If he is allowed to travel freely, he will speak publicly and spread his ideas.,” some other judge says.

“Die misogynist pig,” says Ann.

This doesn’t become like this all of a sudden. For decades, humans’ population, especially among those most productive in society are in great decline. Feminazis kept winning and winning more influence.

The ever changing definition of marriage evolve into civil union between women and castrated men.

“Women want exclusivity above all. What would be a better way to signal exclusivity if not by making the ultimate commitment,” Gill, a feminazi, said.

Many protested the new rule. However, Gill just shrugged that off. “No body forced you to get married,” explained Gill.

Meanwhile, most choices of mating outside marriage were becoming illegal. First prostitution was illegal.

“Basically women cannot exchange sex for cash because that’s immoral,” said Iris, the priest.

Because women couldn’t exchange sex for cash, they then end up having sex for expensive dinners, gold coins, chocolates, flowers or wits.

To counter this immoral circumvention of anti-prostitution laws, definition of prostitution is broadened. Prostitution is defined to sex for cash or “other consideration. (” This happened before the start of 21st century.

What count as “other considerations” are pretty vague. Soon prohibited considerations pretty much cover any consideration. Women are not supposed to consider anything at all when choosing their mate. Each woman either chose to be a nun or pick any males while being blind folded.

“We pretty much harmonically combine positive features from all cultures around us,” explains Lenny, a multi culturalist. “First we accept this immigrant with strange authoritarian culture They demand that all women must wear ninja clothing. Obviously that would constitute gender discrimination and is not suitable for western culture. So we require all men (and women) to wear the same thing too. Finally, feminists point out that gawking is sexual harassment and it’s not the fault of the sex object if people are gawking over them. It’s the fault of those who are gawking and ogling. So we require everyone to wear blind fold all the time,” explains Lenny.

To be continued in uncensored original version? Get the book. Free. We don’t even ask for email.

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