Facts About Marriage and Why You Should Avoid Marriage till It’s Privatized

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Marriage Facts

H. Beatty Chadwick went to 14 years in prison for not paying his money to his ex wife, a money he may not even have.


Even God Prefer to Have a Son out of Wedlock – corolary of main Christian doctrine

Majority of apostles believe that marriage is not good

His disciples say to him, `If the case of the man with the woman is so, it is not good to marry.’ – Matthew 19:10

Jesus think that hoes go to heaven faster than religious scholars.

Jesus saith to them, ‘Verily I say to you, that the tax-gatherers and the harlots do go before you into the reign of God’ – Matthew 21:31

Sex is not part of marriage contract. Women do not have obligation to have sex with you if you’re married. So think about it if your motivation behind marrying her is sex. At least before marriage she’d better do it if she still wants you to bring home the chocolate and the lobster tails. After marriage, she can just screw some other males and expect you to pay for all that.

Marriage is declining when alternatives are legal. Marriage is declining steadily in western civilization. People just realized they can make better deals outside marriage.

However, not simply because marriage is bad for many means people will stop marrying. People need to find better alternatives (like cohabitation agreement) and then the alternatives will have to be popular first, and then there should be enough people to resist governments’ criminalization of the popular alternatives that’s often happen, like in the case of prostitution or concubine.

Most material marital contracts are not explicitly stated. People sort of agreed to get married on some vague terms like love each other. Government then define what those term really means.

Some governments think that it means, the girl can screw someone else, and the man will have to pay for it. Some government think that it means man can beat up his wife and hence all marriage is a bdsm relationship.

One material term on marriage is the severance pay called alimony:

This law allows the Courts to force an ex-spouse to pay PERMANENT ALIMONY to the other ex-spouse forever, unless the receiver of alimony remarries or dies.

This law was written in 1828 when alimony when most women did not work, did not have careers, and always stayed home caring for the kids.

It does not matter how old you are at time of divorce or if the receiver was working at time of divorce; even a 30-year-old person can be forced to pay alimony forever.

This law has loopholes so big that the alimony recipient can live with a lover and the children, be financially supported by the lover, and still receive alimony as long as the alimony recipient does not remarry. These loopholes encourage the receiver of Alimony to cohabitate with someone and never remarry destroying our family values.

It does not matter if the payer of alimony remarries, he/she still has to pay alimony forever.

All sources of income can be taken away from the payer to pay for alimony, even social security and disability benefits.

This law destroys families as it gives the alimony receiver financial priority over the children of the ex-marriage.

The state of Florida does not force a parent to support children over 18 years of age but it forces them to support an ex-spouse.

Taken from http://wendymcelroy.com/news.php?extend.2758

For example, FTC says that google money tree is guilty of fraud for not telling people that sign up for free trial that they will be charge $80 per month after that. http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/07/shortchange.shtm


Google money tree is bad (at least for many). People do not agree to pay $80 per month. There is no way they would agree to pay $80 per month. But somehow they are presumed to agree anyway based on statements not readily available buried deep within TOS.

Marriage is bad (at least for many). Men do not agree to keep paying alimony to girls that are already riding someone else’ cock. Men do not agree to support someone else’ kids. Beatty Chadwick do not agree to pay $2.5 million dollar and prefer to go to jail for 14 years instead of it. But somehow they are presumed to agree anyway based on some statements not readily available buried deep within marital laws.

FTC demands that those terms must be explicitly stated near the OK button.

So why not demand all marriage couple to explicitly agree to support bastard child, keep paying huge alimony, etc. during marital vow? Maybe they’ll reconsider marrying and avoid all the problem.

Marriage is arguably NOT consensual

Many other consensual alternatives are prohibited. There is too few ways rich smart males can commit to support a girl and their child except through marriage. Prostitution is illegal. Cohabitation agreement will most likely be illegal when popular.

Material terms are often not stated clearly.

Information about alternatives is censored. For example, escort is illegal but prostitution is not, effectively making information about paying money for sex scarce. Porn is often illegal.

There are many consensual arrangements that most people would agree too but cannot because unfair laws. For example, most males would prefer to pay salary rather than severance pay. There are many women that prefer salary rather than alimony. There are many women that don’t mind sharing. All those are not popular due to chilling effect caused by anti prostitution and anti polygamy laws.

End governments’ intrusion on marriage.

1. Let people decide their own marriage terms. Keep government out of marriage.

2. Let alternatives of marriage legal.

3. Keep all material marriage terms explicit as any contract should.

Spread this out everywhere.

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