Fabian Libertarianism

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

You can’t have full libertarianism or full anything. We can get quite damn close.

Look at uber. That’s a step closer to libertarianism. The government is no longer the one regulating taxi. Private companies do.

Look at bitcoin. That’s a step closer to libertarianism.

Look at competition among nations. Look at how our countries are divided into different provinces/states we can choose. That’s a step closer to libertarianism. That’s because people pick who govern them by foot and wallet like they pick shops.

UBI? That too is good news for libertarianism. Before the government decides how much redistribution of wealth is and how it is spent (say to subsidize poor kids and encouraging them to breed). Now, the market decides where the money goes. That too is a libertarian direction.

UBI also comes with other libertarian packages. What would voters do to increase their UBI? Legalizing and taxing drugs is a way. Simplifying tax so businesses still come despite the tax is another. All those are libertarianism.

Many libertarians say we shouldn’t vote so as not to give legitimacy to the government or we should violently rebel.

Even the commies are smarter. Know fabian society? That’s people trying to make the world communist by moving slowly toward that direction.

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