Evolution Theory, Humans Nature, and It's Political Implication

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Different societies then have different ways to balance tolerance toward success and some socialism to appease those who are not successful.

The conservative, for example, allow economic success but demand socialism through life long monogamous relationship. The liberal, for example, allow sexual success but demand socialism in economy.

None of which are optimum, in my opinion. I wrote plenty of articles suggesting how better social contracts can benefit both the rich and the poor.

For example, taxing kids, rather than income and paying dividend to all citizens, will allow the poor to postpone making kids and have enough capital to get them rich.

Now, that’s the basic of evolution theory on humans’ nature and preferences. There are many more conclusions. I guess that’s all for an article.

Properly understood, evolution theory can be very useful. We can understand why there are many criminalization against consensual acts. We’ll see that those laws are there to protect disgruntled competitors.

We’ll see why there are so many wars over religious doctrines. That happens because to be successful in countries heavily influenced by envy, the wise need to keep pitting people against each other.

Many more are like this. Properly understood, we can correctly predict the outcome of our choices more accurately. Then we can come up with strategies that will result in what we want more. On the other hand, those who are blind will be eaten by those who see.

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