Evolution Theory, Humans Nature, and It's Political Implication

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

In fact, a genetic testing shows that the y chromosome mutation of Genghish Khan is the same mutation with 1 out of 4 people in Asia. Now that’s, success.

Let me repeat. Preferences that used to work in the past are preferences that are common nowadays. So, what do common typical males want nowadays? Mate with as many females as possible.

Not necessarily making kids. Our preferences are set up in the past, where sex and kids are inseparable. There are no contraception whatsoever.

So males want as many females as possible. It is normal to want as many females as possible. In fact, the “normality” of those who are homosexual is not far different than the normality of males that are monogamous.

Successful males are males that can make a lot of money, gain huge political power, and mate with many females. That’s what males want.

What do women want? Women want the best genes. Those women that pick the best genes will produce more successful sons. How do women measure the quality of a male’s genetic material? By success. Got so far?

Now, we got an issue. There are the same number of males and females. If one male is successful, the others don’t get any.

And that’s the main sources of conflicts all over the world. When we’re not at war, we’re in a race. When we’re in a race, those who are not competitive will want to knock down those running fast. Such preferences are called envy.

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