Evolution Theory, Humans Nature, and It's Political Implication

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

For example, most of us have strong preferences to have sex with the opposite sex. Why? Because those who do live have decendants and those who don’t went extinct.

Nothing strange, nothing bizzare.

Now here we go…

Say one male make 1000 kids. Say another male make 1 kids. Which one will survive better in the gene pool? The one making 1000 kids.

You see, gene pool survival is not a boolean value. Survival is not for the fit but for the fittest.

Preferences that work in the gene pool in the past are preferences that are common nowadays.

Ugh, I can sense that the conservative will start going back to their bible. Not yet. Here’s more.

One obvious way to make genetic copies of ourself is by making kids.

Now, if you’re a male, how would you maximize the number of kids you make?

You do so by mating with as many females as possible. Males that mate with more women, and produce more kids, like Genghis Khan, will survive better in the genepool, in the past.

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