Evolution Theory, Humans Nature, and It's Political Implication

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

We all learn evolution theory in schools. Well most of us do.

However, what’s taught in schools are just basic. What most people, especially religious fundamentalists do not want you to know is that evolution theory can very naturally explain human nature.

It’s not in school. So I’ll tell you here. I’ll start from the least shocking conclusions first and then we’ll go to the most politically incorrect ones people have been trying to hide from you.

Why Cheetah run fast? Simple. In ancient time, some Cheetah run fast, some Cheetah ran slow. Cheetahs that run fast, gather more food, and live. Such Cheetah, then get married, form a family, and life offspring.

The slow Cheetah die. Got it so far? Here we go…

Here, we see that evolution fine tuned Cheetah traits, namely, promoting Cheetahs that run fast.

It turns out, evolution do not only govern physical traits, like how fast you can run and other capabilities. Evolution also fine tuned preferences. Preferences that are working out in the gene pool are preferences that are hard wired in our genes.

Those are preferences that we don’t even have to think about. We just feel like doing it.

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