Envy Bigotry Motivated Prejudices As Foundation Of Our Morality

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

However, governments require money proportional to the man’s capability to pay.

Governments tolerate ghetto studs making many kids without affording it. In fact, governments reward welfare queen that like those ghetto studs with more welfare money.

However, a rich smart billionaire cannot make as many kids as he can afford.

Another issue is porn. People argue that porn cause rape and hence should be prohibited. However, why don’t they punish rape? In fact, the countries that prohibit porn are often those with the least protection against rape.

Here, preventing rape is just the pretext to prohibit porn. Porn is the way pretty women advertise their higher desirability while making a lot of money. Prohibiting porn is then a form of envy bigotry against sexier women.

People prohibit polygamy and prostitution despite the fact that it’s consensual. The pretext is to protect women from abuse. However, there are many women that are unhappily married and trap in marriage.

In Afghanistan, a woman that ran away from his husband is stoned to death.

Also many women are stuck with poorer males. They could have gotten richer smarter males if they are willing to share within polygamy.

Obviously there are reasonable reasons for women to prefer prostitution and polygamy.

Again, protecting women are just pretexts. The real reasons are to kick rich smart males from the gene pool.

Unless those who run the fastest also hit the hardest, success will simply be a bridge to gas chamber.

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