Envy Bigotry Motivated Prejudices As Foundation Of Our Morality

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

When we’re not at war, we’re in race. That’s simply how we evolve.

Freedom means competition. When Ann is free to choose Bob or Jim, Bob or Jim will have to compete to get Ann’s precious eggs and 9 months 10 days rent.

Some people do not want to compete.

So they oppose freedom.

That’s why many governments intervention in reproduction tend to be dysgenic. People want to exterminate better competitors out of envy.

People justify their opposition with various pretexts. As we shall see, they do not implement their pretext consistently.

For example, say the law says you should not smoke Marijuana. Say, however, cops do not bother enforcing anti marijuana laws.

However, those who speak against their governments have their house searched several times for marijuana.

Here, we see that marijuana laws are just pretexts. That’s because existence of marijuana fails to correctly predict the probability of getting your house searched.

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