Drug is Rational

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Thus Objectivism holds that drug abuse is an immoral abdication of reason and profoundly self-destructive. But there is nothing about it that demands the initiation of force against others. Drugs are traded by violent criminals today because the drug trade is illegal, not because it inherently attracts criminals. The mob sold booze during Prohibition, after all, but it does not do so now that alcohol is legal again. We would be much better off to end the drug war and have the peace of free trade instead.
Similarly, Objectivism views prostitution as a denial of the true nature of human sex. Sex can be the most intimate of encounters between people, a deeply personal experience of self. But this is not possible if it is not undertaken through mutual esteem that values both the conscious and physical aspects of the other person. But assuming that all parties take part voluntarily and are adults, there is nothing about prostitution that violates rights. It is absurd that we waste tax dollars trying to stamp this out, and it is a shame, too, because it drives prostitutes into the hands of criminals, where they suffer abuse and extortion.

Drug is not irrational. Ganja is safe and cheap. It’s like playing video games. Don’t you want to enjoy your life in ways that are far more cost efficient than buying cars? Prostitution is not denial of true nature of sex. Actually prostitution is the MOST natural arrangement of sex. Think about it. In MOST sexual encounter, men pays, women have sex.Almost every sex, is in a sense prostitution sex. Those who are not are like “island” in the middle of general rule that’s not much different than the regular sea but considered different anyway out twisted logic.

If women ask for cash, it’s prostitution and illegal. If women ask for huge devastating alimony instead (i.e. marriage), then it’s holy and sacred. What’s the real difference? In the former, the women decide what the fair deals is. In the latter, the collective decide what’s the deal.

By saying that drug is irrational and prostitution is not natural you have compromised your principle. You admit to the bigots that want to prohibit those acts that they are partially correct. You gave them credit that they actually genuinely want to help others, rather than just want power over others.

The very reason why they are prohibited is precisely because they are good. They are better. They are so much better that peddlers of usual products will be exterminated when those are legal.

It’s almost the same mechanism with anti smuggling laws. Smuggled goods are cheaper and better and that’s the very reason why it’s prohibited.

If you want to understand politic, understand humans’ true nature, observer what they do, ignore all what they said. All people said are bullshit anyway. Incentive, intent and result are the only way to know their interests.

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