Don’t Love. Pay

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Communism is like loving your sugar baby. No…. Pay…. Don’t love. Pay….. If you love her she will think you’re an idiot.

If she gets your money without working she’ll never work, as people in communism or welfare.

Then she’ll just choose a capitalistic sugar daddy that takes advantage of her poverty. Taking advantage of very poor girls capitalistically is the highest moral thing people can do in the world. The girl loves it.

After she is no longer poor and has a choice, who will she come back? The wise capitalist that pay her for bdsm or the stupid feminist socialist that lend her money knowing full well she’ll scam?

A wise whore knows that she’ll make more money with capitalist minded SD.

The one that loves will get nothing and once getting nothing will stop loving. The one that pays will get something and keep paying and paying. Paying is win win. Loving is for loser. Don’t love. Pay.

Pay works. Love doesn’t. Capitalism works. Communism doesn’t.

So how did I end up with the one I love? Well, I knocked her up first and she’s stuck with me. Also, I start off by paying her and that’s probably what makes her love me.

So yea, I guess it’s okay to love her because she’s not going anywhere anyway. For the rest, pay, don’t love. Play the game right.

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