Does God love jews more than other people?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Do you love your wife or hordes of new girlfriends?

Your wife has a special covenant with you. However, girlfriends serve you well anyway with less string attached.

Also, nowadays, who care about complicated convenants. Everyone sort of just do it.

I think it looks pretty obvious to everyone else that Israel’s God must have been having other relationships.

I mean, where was God during Titus’s siege, islamic invasions, inquisitions, genocides, recessions, and Hezbollah rocket rains?

Well looks like God is busy wooing others.

Many (2 billions) said He even had a Son outside wedlock. He ended up rising another horde (1.5 billions) to fight of the rumor.

I understand that Israel still think that she is special and all. I’ve seen it all the time. Well, He got to start somewhere. I bet He’s been planning all these from the beginning though.

Every time God seems to be away Israel keeps blaming herself that may be she didn’t ‘t serve God right, or this or that. God may have encouraged that kind of thinking obviously.

However, maybe she should stop and think for a while. Maybe it’s not really her. It’s just Him.

God will be God after all.

Next time God is back really late, I can assure you He’s not coming back from hard work, war, or anything life threatening. He will  simply have a lot of explaining to do.

That’s all I am sayin. And ugh, just in case, bring a lawyer.

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