Do People Choose Their Dictators

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Do people pick dictators? We’ve heard the atrocities people like Mao Tze Tung, Saddam, or Kim Jong Il do. We believe that those poor people never have a choice. That they suffer because they’re out of luck and get bad leaders that force him self out to be a leader.

That’s partially true. But not entirely.

You see, even when somebody put gun in your head, you still have choices. Namely you can fight, you can yield, you can appease, you can, with prior preparation, hire body guards, or bribe the lesser evils.

You have plenty of choices. Each of those choices has pluses and minus, but you do.

I am not saying this to put responsibility to the victim. If someone kills your kids to rob their money, it’s natural that you’re enraged and want suffering for the robbers.

What I am trying to say, is that there are certain benefits you can have when you recognize your choices. Because then you concentrate on things you can choose and within your control.

For example, in case of that robber, you do NOT have to get mad. Getting mad at that robber is also a choice.

However, unlike what most religious leaders will tell you, I can tell that in my opinion, vengeance can be a very good choice, which you should do.

Of course, you should avenge within reasonable limit. It’s not smart to just kill the robbers since you’ll get your self to jail doing so. How you should retaliate will be a bunch of choices too.

Bringing suffering to those who bring you suffering is, in a sense just. Such acts will properly align your interests with the interests of people around you. So yes, it’s a good strategy.

In fact, it’s so good that you’ll feel like choosing that strategy without having to think about it. Through evolution, strategies that are so good are hardwired in your genes, to increase the likelihood of your gene pool survival.

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