Do Mediocres Oppress the Highly Talented People

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Do highly talented people oppressed? Relative to what? Relative to pure libertarianism? YES. BIG YES. I like to call that “game balancing” rather than oppression actually. Yea it works the same way.

Under totally free market, the highly talented people would have out reproduce the rest leaving the rest extinct. The fact that it’s not show that there is some oppression. A very understandable one, for better or worse.

It costs far less in money and time to educate the smart. Government make the cost relatively equal.

Education is designed so everyone move at the same speed.

As a start up I am willing to hire talented people irrelevant of degrees. I think judging qualification based on degrees is very misleading in favor of mediocres. Oh this guy has completed 20 years of education. Damned, so what’s his IQ? However, this you must have a degree is institutionalized. Company need to put degree as requirement so they can justify hiring immigrants for example. Government say, oh we do not have enough people with computer science degree in US so yes you can hire immigrants.

The truth is, IQ alone worth far far more than degree for programming jobs.If left to free market many companies would hire based on IQs. That’s why your interview questions are often filled with puzzles by the way. They actually want to know your IQ but they cannot do that, so they circumvent it by saying let’s answer this puzzles.

Why do government want to “protect” jobs for blue collar workers?

The main advantage of having high IQ is you can do things others cannot and hence deserve getting paid more. Well, government simply protect jobs that anyone can do and force people whose jobs require high IQ to compete with asians. Good luck.

In US, you cannot discriminate people based on IQ, even if your job is programmer. I wish more people would put their IQ in their resume. It’ll make it easier for me to hire candidate.

IQ is not the only advantage that’s hidden underground. Anti porn advocates effectively force sexy women to cover their “talents” and for the same reason. That is, no body would pick the ugly if the pretty show off their talents well.

Even after all those “oppression” designed to oppress the high IQ and other talented individuals, the talented end up richer. Then what? What’s their birth rate? Why those highly motivated to positively contribute to society has low birth rate?

Anti porn, anti prostitution, anti polygamy, and myriads of other land mines are there to make sure everyone is equally successful in the gene pool. However it’s tilted too much to the left that the poor and mediocres actually end up having more kids. That’s effective genocide against the talented so they can’t even inherit their talents.

You said something that you wish I will never have a job controlling people’s life. I can assure you, your politicians is way way way way way way way worse than I am. Why not beat them up as you said. I am sure they more than “bother” your friends.

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