Do Life Worth More than Building

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Who says human lives are worth more than buildings? What building? Which human? To whom? Everything has a dollar value. Life of vermins that loot has a negative value. I would cheer for everyone of them that died. The buildings? Well, I’ll pay quite a bit for those.

This post has a point. If human lives are worth more than buildings, it does justify looting. I mean if some looters’ life worth more than your neighbor building, we should let them loot.

I mean if stopping them may mean killing them of course we let them loot. Their life worth more than the building right? And that’s where the problem is. Their life worth less than the building.

Which is why it makes economic sense to just kill them and protect the building. I mean, how can people don’t see the economical math behind all this?

I think the problem is many of us think that the looters’ life worth more than the building when none of those are ours. The building can be destroyed and it’s not mine anyway, and so I don’t give a fuck. So callous. Even I have more compassion.

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