Do I like Marriage?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Do I like marriage? In short no. However, that’s over simplified.

A better answer is this. There are aspects of marriage that I really like.

There are aspects that I don’t. I want to be the one choosing and not the government.

Do I like spending my life with a girl I like. Yes. Do I want to inherit my money to my children.

Yes. Very. It’s my whole purpose of life pretty much. Make tons of money, have children, give money to my biological children.

Do I like risking losing half of my wealth or even more if the girl chooses to leave me.

Fuck no.

Do I like having to worry about the religion of my identity card? I myself is an atheist, but my identity card has religion and it may not match the identity card of my girl. Do I want to be bothered by that? No.

Do I want politicians to decide what the rules of marriage is? No.

Do I like going to court to settle our differences? No.

After a while, I noticed that what I want from marriage, I can get from sugar relationship and paternity tests and perhaps some simple contracts for long term transactions.

In general, contracts are there to get us to do things we otherwise do not want to do. Do I need a contract stipulating that I will inherit my wealth to my biological children? I already want to do that whether I am obligated or not.

What I don’t want from marriage? What do I get by involving governments to well govern my marriage.

I read a story of Cinderella. Cinderella has a rich biological father. However, the father, instead of forming sugar relationship with a woman end up marrying the woman instead.

So Cinderella lost control of her own father’s wealth and is pretty much mistreated by the siblings.

In western marriage, this is normal. Marriage is usually between “equal” and Cinderella’s father is “equal” with his wife. Society expects the father to love the wife as much as his own children.

But that’s what societies think. That’s not how we evolve. We’re genetically hardwired to be selfish. We have our interests. Your wife is not your family.

Saying you’re “one” is just scientifically incorrect.I once loved a girl a lot and she just think I am an idiot and fuck everyone else but me.

I should have known. It’s stupid to love other. Why did I? I don’t know. I must be lying to my self.

I lost $3k with her. If I married her, I am fucked. I am glad I don’t.

Now I have a baby with another that I also love. I am happy.

I am happy to know that my money will go to my children and I have no fear of having any catastrophic failure in case divorce happens.

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