Do I fail to understand the world or do I understand it too well?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think affirmative action is just racism.

I think schools are gun free zone because government is in protection business and death kids raise fear and hence tax. If schools are safer because it’s gun free, why not make white house gun free?

I think minimum wage is a way to keep blacks out of job.

I think true purpose of government intervention in education is to indoctrinate rather than to educate. There once was a poor lady that cook stones to calm down her starving daughter. School teachers are like that.

I think war on drugs are really war on black and ways to control others’ happiness. It never is about danger. Arguing that drug is not danger is like arguing to robbers that you are better off keeping your wallet.

I think monogamy is there to ration females in equal share for everyone.

I think child support laws are there to prevent rich men from reproducing too successfully rather than supporting any child.

I think feminazis are ugly bitches that can’t get paid for sex or get a husband.

I think women trafficking laws are there to protect western women from having to compete against cheaper and prettier russian or ukrainian girls.

I think people criticize israel because demonizing jews are simply way more lucrative than demonizing vietcong. Hamas leaders are worth $2 billion dollar doing that kind of job. That is the same reason why people blame and condemn capitalism way more than any other economic system. Capitalism is so fair even those who criticize it makes money rather than being killed. Would you excuse me, I’d like to burn 200 copies of “Wealth of Nations.” Oh wait….

I think right of return of palestinians are very important because israel is a country worth “returning to” due to jews governing their country relatively well. There are so many other refugees in Syria, Iraq, Vietnam, etc, and none of them becomes a big deal like palestinian crisis, because countries that kick them out are badly governed themselves and hence not worth returning too.

I think the reason why jews don’t simply buy palestinian land is the same reason why rich men don’t simply pay women to produce heir for them. When something is important, you can’t just pay for it. There are too many people that would kill to get that and that would often end up with political rather than business solution.

Many people when I said this would say that I do not understand because I am an outsider.

I just think that perhaps outsiders know about what’s inside more than insiders. Imagine going to North Korea and explain to them that North Korea is not prosperous at all. I bet the north korean would say that you don’t understand North Korea. Or Imagine going to Indonesia during Suharto and explains to Indonesians that they’re not in a democracy. Indonesians would say that you don’t understand because you’re not Indonesians and don’t understand Indonesian’s style democracy.

The truth is, some lies, can’t easily be seen from inside. It’s precisely because I am an outsider I can see things. You can’t see problem in Islam easily if you’re muslim. You can’t see problems in christianity if you’re christian. You can’t see problems with feminazism if you are heavily indoctrinated from young that women aren’t sex objects.

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