Difference Between Truth and Facts

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Facts are facts. Any beliefs, whether factual, imaginary, realistic, or preposterous, can and often are used as justification for many political acts.

You will think that those political acts are good, when they match your interests. You will think it’s bad when it doesn’t.

So, we can agree that some beliefs are used to justify some “good” or “bad” things where “good” and “bad” can be very subjective. Still, facts are facts. Heinous ideas some facts justify don’t change the factuality of a fact.

Facts that crime sometimes pay, for example, will motivate people that correctly believe in the facts, to rob you. Hence, politicians will often try to convince you that crimes don’t pay to reduce robbery.

Still facts are facts. What people will do based on what they believe to be facts are different issues.

Knowing that crimes can pay can motivate people to rob. It can also motivate people to buy gun and demand fairer punishments against criminals. It also keeps laws in check for practicality.

The fact that some people believing that crime pays use it to commit crimes doesn’t change the fact that crime really pays.

Simply believing that crime doesn’t pay, when it still does, can often be unprofitable. When I was in US, for example, I believed that crime doesn’t pay. So, I didn’t bother locking my doors. Then I found out the hard way that crime does pay and that’s why people do it, to me.

Hence, it is to my best interests to know what the real facts is irrelevant of what those facts might motivate others to do.

The same way, many atrocities have been done with ideas from evolution theory as justification. It doesn’t mean that those ideas are not factual.

Scientific theories are ideas that fit the facts or data most accurately. That’s it. What some people might use those theories as justifications are totally different story.

Understanding evolution theory is like understanding the principles of life itself.

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