Difference Between I and Conservatives

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I think the difference between I and conservatives is in how they see traditional relationships. Conservatives want a traditional marriage, defined as man vs woman fucking each other till one of them is death.

I want a traditional relationship where the man earns money and women submissively get knocked up by the man. It doesn’t have to be marriage. Whatever used to work is fine. What’s the difference? Well. Conservatives think that the relationship should be called marriage. Many got this thing against sex outside marriage.

I don’t. I think any mutually consensual relationship is good. You call it marriage, sugar relationship, or prostitution. She can scream whatever turns her on when you bang her, Baby, Daddy, husband, God, what?

I do not see anything wrong with multiple husbands or multiple wives in one household.

Conservatives and liberals, also add many terms that are not exactly traditional in most cultures. Things like huge alimony, no-fault divorce, and monogamy. Later they will add castration and religious conservatives will still say that sex outside marriage is a sin.

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