Daughter SB and ex Wife Battle

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Both my daughter and my sugar baby were mad at me. My daughter complained that I spend too much money on my sugar baby. I told her I need more children and she’s been a good heir factory.

So they talked to each other. I mean if they gonna be mad at each other, why not talk to each other straight instead of getting mad at me all the time.

My daughter told her that I call her heir factory, and my sugar baby, a muslim, says that yes, that’s what women are for.

They call it Kodrat (nature). I think a Chinese will call it the Tao of being a woman.

My daughter told her that means she’s a thing. I am a bit confused my self because everything is a thing right. So what?

But it’s kind of interesting. daughter comes from christian backgrounds. My SB comes from muslim background. In western christian background, treating woman as a thing is offensive.

And that’s very confusing to me because everything is a thing. Someone not indoctrinated by western woke nonsense will see that as nonsense too. In what way seeing women as heir factory means I hate women. I pay well.

I took care of her well. It’s a very well paid job. Her standard of living went up. Why this is even an issue in the west? It’s a pretty fair generous deal.

If she is “equal” to men, which she tried, she would have made less money. She told me she worked in factory once and the work was terrible and the boss was mean. Obviously she is better off as my heir factory. She was a starving college student before we met.

I forget the rest of argument.

I think daughter says something that she is my only legal child. I told both of them that it doesn’t matter at all. If anything, son is the one passing paternity tests even though I have no doubt both children are mine.

Anyway, on 11 pm I brought daughter back to my ex-wife’s apartment that I provided for them. She’s not home yet and not answering my phone.

So I decided that daughter should just stay at my house. I want my child to have better life anyway.My exwife come demand that daughter stay at apartment.

I complained that she came back home late and we can’t contact her and daughter have slept. She just threatened to bring security.

Basically she kept banging on the door and pressing bells to make noise and we sleep soundly in one big bed. I, daughter, son, and SB. I am so happy that I can be with all my 3 children (one is inside SB’s tummy).

My ex wife angrily kept knocking on the door the whole night but we just sleep because it doesn’t sound too loud anyway. I am just grateful I am not married.

I imagined what kind of horror I have been through when I was married having a stubborn toxic wife like that.

My SB told me that it’s cruel to keep her knocking like that. However, I am not the one pulling gun telling her to do that. She CHOSE to be on that door knocking. She could have just go back to apartment and I’ll return daughter the next morning like I said.

In the morning, we slept till 7:00 am. My cousin get out and my ex wife uses the opportunity to get in and barked into our bedroom.

Okay, we’re going back. We use bikes and she can walk back to our apartment. She kept being angry for I have no idea why.

Instead my ex wife is rummaging her belonging in my house. I actually kind of happy my ex wife is in my house again for a while. I invited her some times but she refused. So I just watch.

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