Confusing Obvious Real Motives

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

No matter how obviously ridiculous your beliefs are, I know it won’t change.

If I can choose between being a plaything for a pretty women or be a respected husband of an ugly women, I too would choose the former.

Whether something is a plaything or not is just “play”. What truly matters is whether kids can go to school and college or not. Whether your kids will get good education or not. Most importantly, whether your spouse have good genes or not.

I understand that in western civilization it’s different. You guys have welfare. So women have LESS incentive to pick the rich.

In Asia, we don’t have that. Women that pick the poor will just take full consequences of her choices. That is, many ended up having to raise kids on her own or her parents’ money. Many ended up becoming prostitute after the guy left. The poorer the guy the easier for him to just “left”

A lot of the issue is about people’s motivation. I am a businessman. My job is to properly motivate people and that means knowing the truth about what they want.

Voters job is to come up with a “nobel” lies to hide people’s true motive.

If you put gun in front of people head and he gave you your wallet, I would say that the gun motivate the victim to give up wallet. A liberal may say that the gun has nothing to do with wallet transfer statistic because love is blind and all thick walleted victims only want to give wallets to robbers for totally different reasons. The politicians job is to confuse the obvious.

The same way if you give subsidy to women that pick poorer males in the form of welfare, of course there are more women that pick the poor. Yet everyone says it’s not the issue. People just think that love is blind, etc.

If you set child support proportional to a man’s wealth, of course there will be less rich men that are available to women. Yet everyone acts that it’s not the issue. People theorize that the rich just want to concentrate their wealth on fewer kids, etc.

If you prohibit polygamy, of course there will be less women that share a man openly. Yet everyone acts that it’s not the issue. They just say that all women value exclusivity way more than money, etc.

If prostitution is illegal, of course most women do not want to be one, yet everyone acts that it’s not the issue. People just say that prostitution is so degrading no body wants to do it.

If you impose minimum wage, of course somebody will not get a job because the market can’t clear. That “somebody” will usually be black due to racism. Then, we see black people selling dopes for less than minimum wage. Yet everyone acts that it’s not the issue. That the racist minimum wage laws are not made for exactly this purpose. They think it happens due to lack of government funding for education yada yada yada….

I also believe that when whites fight over child support, the real issue is not the real interest of the child. They just want to collect the child support money from the non custodial parent. Of course, Valerie will swear up and down, it’s not the issue.

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