Citizenship Dividend

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

In theory (libertarian theory that not everyone believe in anyway) right comes from productivity. That’s an ideal. In practice might makes right.

If you want to win election and be more “libertarian”, propose citizenship dividend (to those who make less kids). You’ll get your votes.I think one day government will be governed like corporation and citizenship will be like stock ownerships.

If the choice is between public school and no public school the poor will choose public school.

If the choice is between public school and cash that would have been used to pay for that public school, the poor will choose whichever is more efficient. Of course government is almost never as efficient as free market and this is where things kicks in.

The problem with that is cash is far more attractive than public school it’ll encourage people to breed just to get more cash. So politicians/government/voters will probably just need to arrange that the marginal cost of raising a kid is the same with the actual costs.

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