Choosing Where I Live

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I like to choose the rule I live with like I choose shops. I don’t give fuck how those shops are ruled. Democracy, tyranny, monarchy. Whatever. As long as I can switch shops, that’s fine.

That’s how the world got prosperous. More and more, people can just switch countries like they switch shops. More and more, rules in all countries tend to be just.

Countries with unjust rules, like minimum wage, will have jobs and money moving to China.

That being said, democracy exemplifies what normal libertarians don’t see. Some social contracts, like other contracts, are stable, and some not.

In a monarchy, it pays to rebel and be the king. In a democracy, the people are the kings.

So the whole of society got rid of the heavy cost of rebelling and destroying rebellion.

Perhaps a democracy where only the best and brightest can vote and leaders are picked based on past performance instead of popularity?

Well, that’s how CPC runs things now.

What’s most important for me, is not the right to vote with ballots, but the right to more easily vote with my foot and wallet. We have more and more of those right now.

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