China Can Export “electricity” to US and There is Nothing Trump Can Do to Prevent or Tax It

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You kidding.

What? Build cable to US?

Uhuk uhu

Of course not.

1st step:Convert electricity to bitcoin. Chinese are better than US in this regard. Major bitcoin asic manufacturers, GPU manufacturers are in China.
2nd step: “Export” btc to US. There is absolutely NOTHING US government can do to stop it. That is why bitcoin is awesome. There is NOTHING US government can do.
3rd step: Send dollars to China. Okay there are things US can do to prevent this. But well, you know. The last step is optional. Bitcoin is as good as money. The chinese can buy anything they want with it and pay with bitcoin. So 2nd and 3rd step is really optional.

Alas. The chinks shot themselves in the foot. Chinese government ban bitcoin again and again.

Actually, bitcoin can be used as a weapon on trade war. Any country that is hit by trade war can just get cheap energy, build bitcoin and then tada, live. That would greatly blunt effect of any trade war.

Yes, bitcoin price is unstable. But if they use bitcoin to import stuff right away, it’s not a problem.

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