Should Abortion Be Legalized

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

To be honest, I am not even a libertarian on this.

Think about being libertarian but for the genes instead of for individuals.

Now. Who killed the baby? Their own parents. You know, same genes. Let them manage their own family. Killing a baby is like cutting your hand. Normally bad decisions but hei, it’s your body. Yes I know, the baby is a different individuals. I am talking about the genes here.

So what it’s murder?

Another issue, that I think is more important, is welfare.

I don’t give a flying fuck about abortion right because the child died can’t possibly be mine anyway. I have enough money and if I have another child I will just keep it. What about other people’s children? Well, doesn’t matter. They are others’ children.

And not only that, if the babies are born, those babies will be what to me? Think about it. If their own parents want to abort their babies, they usually have good reasons. Maybe they can’t afford those babies. So?

If government prohibit abortion, then those babies the parents can’t afford will be born. Most people cannot stomach leaving babies like that death starving.

So our tax payers will go to the babies. And that’s just near best case scenario.

Such babies are more likely to be poor and rob others. They will grow up being socialist. Our money will be seized through tax to feed those babies. Now THAT is our problem.

Abortion can be murder.

However, my right to do my best to protect my money from falling into the hands of non family member is something I want to protect. Something I care MUCH more than the life of a million babies.

Says who, right to live is basic humans’ right? Do we have right to live? Do we have right not to be robbed, defrauded, attacked? Most libertarians say yes, I know. But it’s more of, yes in a sense that we should have had that right.

Do we? Prostitution is illegal. Drug is illegal. We pay taxes. Why we don’t have that effective right, even for our own life? Because right is never free. If you want right, you got to fight for it or pay someone else who fight for it.

Now, those unborn babies. Do they fight for their right to live? Do they pay us for their right to live? So why should I, or you, bother protecting someone that’s not our children? Their own parents want to kill the baby.

Now what about if mom want to kill baby and dad want to keep baby alive? I would say this sort of issue can be resolved BEFORE conception. The state can have their own default.

Unlibertarian Ideas Libertarians can Understand or Embrace

I got 3 that I have in mind.

Ideas that don’t seem to be libertarian but if we understand and embrace, can get us more freedom, often ethically.

Might makes right

I didn’t believe this. I used to believe no matter how powerful a person is, he must not oppress the weak. And what happen is I often put my self in weak position and got scammed again and again.

In my mind, paying in front and paying latter was the same. What matters was what the deal is. In real life, of course not. Paying in front put you in weaker position.

That’s because the guy you pay can just leave and then you need cooperation of the state (or mob boss) to get what you pay for.

I once do business with poor people. Almost everyone of them just take money and run even though they make more money if they pay me my fair share. Lend money and they will run away. Almost always. Actually this is what attract me to crypto currency. Most libertarians think that a purpose of government is to uphold contract. I think crypto is a non government alternative to that.

It may seem unlibertarian. In fact, the whole philosophy of libertarianism is about condemning people in power that oppress those powerless people.

For example, libertarians condemn tax done by powerful government against powerless businessmen.

However, I now see power as another form of wealth. Is it wrong that some wealthy guy drink expensive wine when others’ are starve? I don’t think so. If it’s his money, he do whatever he wants. The problem is not how he spend his money, the problem is how he got his money. If he got it fairly and consensually, no problem.

The same way, why should I care that some powerful people oppress the weak? It’s his power.

Another way to see it is to simply be powerful. Look at monero, zcash, or something. It’s powerful. Libertarians can, for example, use bitcoin or something even more private. It’s hard as hell to tax. It empowers everyone to work under government radar.

Governments, realizing this, tend to lower tax. In Portugal, for example, tax on crypto is very low I’ve heard. When people have power to escape they tend to get better deals. So power matter. Not just what’s legal. Even if you’re a criminal, most lawyers would advice you to keep your mouth shut. Why? To put you in stronger position.

If you gonna confess something you do it in fair exchange, say in exchange of lighter sentences. Again, there is nothing wrong with using power to get what we want. When push come to shove, we’ll all do it anyway.Or at least don’t put yourself on weak position. Or take a look at sugar relationship vs marriage. Getting married put men under very weak position. The women can just leave and get half the money. Here, seeing that power tend to get what you want is useful.

Or what about seeing money as a form of power too that you can use as bargaining position to get stuffs? Makes everything transactional and your money becomes a source of power.

Wealth disparity is a problemAgain, this may not seem like libertarian at all. It’s the main justification of welfare and wealth redistribution.

However, let’s get practical here. Humans are selfish, greedy, and bigots. My understanding of evolutionary psychology teach me that each of us are competitors for everyone else. That is especially true with men.We are like participants in very slow hunger games.

Hence, it is very normal, even without clear profit, that many people, out of bigotry, wants to prohibit reproductive success of other humans. That explains why we have so many rules against consensual sex.

Rich parents for example, cannot have children without risking significant portion of his wealth.

Rich men, for example, cannot just pay women to give him children. When a child is born, the government impose child support laws where the amount of child support is proportional to a man’s income. It’s as if the true purpose of society is to prevent rich people from having children.

So what’s the solution? The solution is we got to be greedy not only in acquiring wealth but to also have enough children to redistribute those wealth. Bill Gates own $200 billion dollar. He said he will give each of his children only $10 million. I would agree. But for that to make sense, he should have had 20k biological children. Otherwise, why would he work all his money only to redistribute his wealth to parasites?

So yes, I agree that wealth disparity is a problem that need to be addressed. If we have tons of money and too few children, those wealth will be redistributed. It’s just a fact. Right or wrong it’s just a fact. So we have to outbreed the parasites.

A country has right for self government

Again, this seems to be the anti thesis of libertarianism. Most libertarians idea is about condemning the states’ action against individuals. Libertarians do not, in general think, that the states have right to make any laws. We think the states have right to make laws only for libertarian purposes, such as protecting rights.

However, in practice, the idea that a country has a right for self government, which is codified in Wesphalian treaty, is probably the single most important direction that make our world libertarians right now.

When countries are free to govern themselves, they compete. When the states compete with one another, instead of attacking one another, then many rich libertarians can move to states that treat them best. Laws tend to be more libertarians too.

In fact, US was and still is one of the most libertarian country in the world. Why? The state. The states compete with each other. It’s not until their Federal governments grow then US move toward statism.

Globalization also force the states to be more libertarians. Tariffs are declining all over the world. Minimum wage is also declining relative to average wealth. That means, a persons’ salary is more determined by his value than his country’s minimum wage.

If we think about it. Most shops, most crypto exchanges, most business, is also governed by centralized command. Again, perhaps, instead of bitching about how wrong the states govern themselves, we should think of ways to simply bypass the states’ laws.

Don’t like marriage laws? Do sugar relationship. Don’t like licensed Taxi? Use uber. Don’t like normal jobs? Make money in internet marketing or crypto world. Don’t like taxes? Consult lawyers and set up foreign corporation. Government is not stupid. It doesn’t want to fight determined individuals that want to be free. So there are loopholes anyway. The people are stupid.

Also following might makes right policy. There is a price of freedom. The price is ability to defend one self and to fuck up those who hurt us. Ukraine can defend itself against Russia. Can individuals defend himself against Russia or North Korea?

A country is a reasonably fair defense pact. If we look for loopholes we can get good bargains more than if we keep bitching about it.

Technologies that Predate Humans

I wonder if some technology or professions are so old they predate humans. That is, they are invented somewhere after the branching of our common ancestors with chimps and gorillas.

All such common ancestors that evolve into homo sapiens master those technologies. Descendants of those who can’t became our cousin species. Look at fire, for example.

All members of homo sapiens can cook. Brain is such an energy expensive organs that humans cannot survive on uncooked food. Humans that use uncooked food will have to hunt for more food. Those pre humans probably end up evolving into chimpz or gorilla.

Cooking is so essential for those humans, that technology probably direct the evolution of humans. Cooking lower energies required to digest most food allowing humans to have energy expensive brains. Energy expensive brains all homo sapiens have cannot evolve without cooking technology.

Capuchin monkeys, when they are taught to trade, will have male monkey having sex with female monkey and then give money afterward. So prostitution probably predates humans too. Perhaps the technologies or professions even predate primates?

Being politicians and leaders probably predate humans. We observe that in gorillas, wolves, and chimps. If something predate humans, that means the occupation is innate. That’s because engaging in such occupations is essential for gene pool survival that those occupations and technologies are probably what shape our species to be the way we are. I would say one day programming will predate humans too.

Humans will be so connected to computer that a child species may show up where members of those species can all code. Those who can’t code will either branch off into another species, or go extinct. Archeology will call them Homo Cannotcodus or something as some sort of cousin species.

Programming then will predate the new child species, Homo Sapien Cancodus.

Maybe this look far fetched. But take a look at writing and reading. In ancient time, most people cannot read and write. Now, almost everyone can read or write. But what about those whose IQ is so low they cannot read or write? Well, they are going extinct because reading and writing is so essential that it predates future humans.

Which Jobs are Suitable for Women

Some jobs are women’s jobs and some jobs are men’s jobs. Many, both can do well.

How do we know?

Just look at the top 1 percenters on those jobs.

Top 1% of programmers? Men. Top 1% of NBA players? Men. Top 1% of engineers? Men.

Top 1% of strippers? Women. Top 1% of only fans content creator? Women. Top 1% of porn stars? Women.

What about spouses?

Any men collect $20 billion by divorcing his wife yet?

The path to happiness and wealth is simple.

Look at what top 1% of people in a particular occupation looks like. If they look like you, then get in.

American math team has finally beaten the Chinese in a national competition. - Funny

Daughter SB and ex Wife Battle

Both my daughter and my sugar baby were mad at me. My daughter complained that I spend too much money on my sugar baby. I told her I need more children and she’s been a good heir factory.

So they talked to each other. I mean if they gonna be mad at each other, why not talk to each other straight instead of getting mad at me all the time.

My daughter told her that I call her heir factory, and my sugar baby, a muslim, says that yes, that’s what women are for.

They call it Kodrat (nature). I think a Chinese will call it the Tao of being a woman.

My daughter told her that means she’s a thing. I am a bit confused my self because everything is a thing right. So what?

But it’s kind of interesting. daughter comes from christian backgrounds. My SB comes from muslim background. In western christian background, treating woman as a thing is offensive.

And that’s very confusing to me because everything is a thing. Someone not indoctrinated by western woke nonsense will see that as nonsense too. In what way seeing women as heir factory means I hate women. I pay well.

I took care of her well. It’s a very well paid job. Her standard of living went up. Why this is even an issue in the west? It’s a pretty fair generous deal.

If she is “equal” to men, which she tried, she would have made less money. She told me she worked in factory once and the work was terrible and the boss was mean. Obviously she is better off as my heir factory. She was a starving college student before we met.

I forget the rest of argument.

I think daughter says something that she is my only legal child. I told both of them that it doesn’t matter at all. If anything, son is the one passing paternity tests even though I have no doubt both children are mine.

Anyway, on 11 pm I brought daughter back to my ex-wife’s apartment that I provided for them. She’s not home yet and not answering my phone.

So I decided that daughter should just stay at my house. I want my child to have better life anyway.My exwife come demand that daughter stay at apartment.

I complained that she came back home late and we can’t contact her and daughter have slept. She just threatened to bring security.

Basically she kept banging on the door and pressing bells to make noise and we sleep soundly in one big bed. I, daughter, son, and SB. I am so happy that I can be with all my 3 children (one is inside SB’s tummy).

My ex wife angrily kept knocking on the door the whole night but we just sleep because it doesn’t sound too loud anyway. I am just grateful I am not married.

I imagined what kind of horror I have been through when I was married having a stubborn toxic wife like that.

My SB told me that it’s cruel to keep her knocking like that. However, I am not the one pulling gun telling her to do that. She CHOSE to be on that door knocking. She could have just go back to apartment and I’ll return daughter the next morning like I said.

In the morning, we slept till 7:00 am. My cousin get out and my ex wife uses the opportunity to get in and barked into our bedroom.

Okay, we’re going back. We use bikes and she can walk back to our apartment. She kept being angry for I have no idea why.

Instead my ex wife is rummaging her belonging in my house. I actually kind of happy my ex wife is in my house again for a while. I invited her some times but she refused. So I just watch.

Why I Don’t Offer Marriage to Women

I WON’T OFFER MARRIAGE. Period. Do you know how expensive alimony and palimony for a rich man would be? It’s absurd.

I don’t see why people hate sugar baby arrangements. To me, marriage is disgusting. The idea that government instead of I and the woman, deciding what the rules should have been, is just insanely stupid.

Imagine if Israel choose Hitler or Nazi as their prime minister. It’s idiot right?

Now you hear what many radical feminists say. They said all sex are rape. They said women shouldn’t be free to be paid. They said nobody should discriminate based on beauty. Some radical feminists say want to ban porn and beauty contests because employers shouldn’t discriminate based on beauty on any jobs.

Then you hear what many commies men say. They want to redistribute your wealth. They want children of poor men to have as much chance as children of rich men. They want to ban IQ tests and standardized tests in job recruitments.

Those people are like Nazi hating jews. Ugly women hate pretty women. Poor men hate rich men. Face it. But most of their hatred is meaningless unless they have power over you.

Many nazi hate jews. But those hatred is meaningless anyway because jews simply don’t pick a nazi member as their prime minister.

The same way all those bigotry communists and feminists have toward beautiful women being well paid by rich smart men is meaningless UNLESS you choose to get married.

That’s how stupid marriage is.

I got them cheaper than marriage. About 80% of my money will go to my children. Not for women that hate me that are rewarded by the system to hate me.

I get 8-9. I can get a 10 but her IQ is only 107. I like high IQ women.

Yes money is not everything. I have high IQ my self. I improve my look a lot. But that’s it. Nothing else I can do can make women like me more than my IQ, my look, and being fair (i.e. paying). That’s pretty much 90% of what matters.

It’s black pill thingy.

It’s not what you say, or what you do for her. It’s how you look, how big your house is, how good your genes are, things you can’t change. After that, how much monetary incentive she has.

If I can choose someone I truly truly like I would choose JAV porn stars. Of course those women are out of my range. So I choose someone almost as pretty and someone I can just pay.

Overall, the quality of women I get by straight up paying is higher than the quality of women I get by trying to get them like me. Can someone else get better women? Could be. But that someone else is probably younger and much more handsome than I am or who knows.

There is limit of what I can get. I can’t get Selena Gomez. I can’t even get Mia Khalifa. We all settle for the best we can get. And so are the women. They can’t get Brad Pitt. They can’t get anyone richer than I am. So they settle for me. Supply demand.

I like that. It makes sense.

I used to be a feminist

I was actually a feminist, till I learn that when women can choose, many won’t choose me.

Seriously. I think women choosing to be rich on their own and get married is like men choosing to be trans.

It’s their right. It’s a personal choice. I can have an opinion that it’s sooooooo dumb but that’s just my opinion.

Everyone, including men, should EQUALLY have right to DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES. If that’s not feminism promoting women’s choice and equality, what is?

Actually it is feminism. Libertarian feminists are like that.

The problem starts when some people think that someone else’s money should be used to encourage others’ choices.

I definitely have right to ensure that my money will never go to women that don’t have children with me. I also think it’s women’s right to choose to get paid rather than marry.

Welfare means some multi millionaire will be forced to pay for children that are not their own. I also think it’s absurd that government would pay maternity leaves (with employers’ money) and pay for trans surgery.

Now. I am no longer a feminist. Deep inside, I still think it’s wrong to interfere on humans’ choices. However, who the hell care.

Many laws restricting women’s freedom make it easier for me to knock up prettier smarter women anyway.

Anti porn laws eliminate women’s income that could have made money in onlyfans. That makes their price cheaper.

Why I just Pay Women for Sex and Having Children

I am a libertarian. Not extreme one. More like a minarchist one. I tolerate government as long as it’s not too evil.

However, when it comes to sex, I think anything politically correct is the opposite of what makes sense.
I was a simp. I wasted so much money on getting women. I also lost significant portion of money in divorce proceeding. I finally know the solution, for my problem with women. Just pay them.

If I just pay women, for example, most important things are crystal clear.

By paying her to do IQ tests, I know how smart my children will be if I have sex with her. By paying her for video chat I know how beautiful she is live. By paying for her facial, I know how she look like without make up. Finally, by paying her for handjob, I know how much she will cost if I repeat order for life.

I can interview 50-100 women (I have chat with many). I quickly know whether things are working or not by whether small transactions work or not.

Now, imagine if I try to make women like me. What can I do to make them like me? Who knows. Do they like me? How do I know? Who knows. Certain wink the right way, certain move the other way. I know many rich guys that got rape charge for thinking the woman want it and the woman latter say otherwise.

In transactional sex everything is clear. We just make deals.

What about children? What about if I want more than just sex?

Normally, we try to make her like me and then we get “married” right. There is so many things wrong with this idea. Why marriage? Why let government be the pimp of my relationship? So many rich men lost so much money over marriage. It doesn’t make sense.

In ancient time, marriage is a good way to ensure paternity. Now we just have paternity tests.

What about commitments? There are ways to enforce commitments without government. Split commitments into smaller transactions. See. Just pay works again.

What about the children? Well. Women that consider money can get richer guys if that’s what she wish. The richer guys, in return, doesn’t have to fear paying alimony or excessive child support. The child end up having richer father.

And it has nice side effects too. Richer men can just pay many women. I know. I did it. That means more children will have richer father. So less welfare.

Finally my own emotional need. I don’t mind spending money on women that provides value to me. I also respect women’s right to choose any men they want under any consensual offer. However, it’s also my right to make sure that my money shouldn’t go to women that don’t choose to have sex with me or don’t choose me as father of their children.

The only way to achieve that is by making all sex is transactional.

Many people say I am a misogynists and disrespect women. Fuck it. Why not just let the women decide? They don’t like it, they can just say no. In fact, I prefer women that don’t like me to say no quickly so I can move on quickly instead of wasting time and money on women I can’t pay.
I wonder why most men don’t just do it this way.

Am I a Feminist

People are surprised when I said I was a feminist. Think about it. As a libertarian, I values everyone’s freedom.

That includes women’s freedom. I think women should have right to choose whatever she wants for herself. She wants to be paid for sex. It’s her right.

She wants to marry someone, it’s her right. She wants to pursue a career, it’s her right.

And I agree. That’s what we do with fellow humans. We respect their individual freedom and right and that’s pretty much it. I can have different opinions, I can advice, I can give reasonable offers, but at the end, every high IQ beautiful women will have a choice whether guys like me should be a father for their children or not.

I think if a woman is very beautiful and in her 20 and have high IQ, she should aim for guys with money. Raising children is expensive and marriage terms are too hostile to rich men. But that’s just my opinion.

At the end, it’s up to her. I am annoyed by other men saying that selling sex demean women and want, by force, “protect” women from her own choices. I am annoyed seeing how governments use tax payers money to reward women that pick poor guys or pursue a career while punishing women that sell sex for money.

Why government, instead of the actual women, decide what she choose? Of course, I also have right to do with my money and my self according to what’s profitable for me. It is my right, and responsibility, to ensure that my money will never ever spent on women that don’t choose me and their children.

No large amount of it at least. And the only way I know how to achieve that is by making things transactional. Any other ways can lead to really unfair outcome. Just look at this. I said I was a feminist. Am I still one?

I no longer care. All those laws protecting women actually make it easier for men like me to get pretty smart women.

Women can’t do porn? There goes money source. They need money then. Cheaper sugar babies. Beauty don’t matter for most “normal” jobs. So, I no longer care.

I still think that monogamy is wrong, marriage is wrong, and so on and so on. I think government should stay the fuck out of marriage. But I no longer care. I think women, instead of society, should decide what’s best for themselves.

However, I no longer care. All I care is how to get knock women up cost effectively and how to get the best genes for my children and how to get my children rich.

She can always say no and I prefer she says no fast so I don’t waste time on women I can’t pay. With romance, it took a few months or even years to know things not working out.

With transactional sex, I can interview 100 of women, and pick the smartest prettiest ones I can afford cost effectively.

I have 2 sugar babies I really like. I knocked up one and getting another and that seems to be more than enough for me. Making things transactional, avoiding marriage, and romance have both worked very well for me.

How Humans Work

If you want to understand humans, you need to understand politicians.The most enlightened humans are taos, and the most enlightened taos behave like normal human beings.

Look at that Kremlin meeting. Anyone talk about God, religions, or morality?

No. They are all psychopaths. They do not want to kill more civilians. Why? Because it’s immoral? No. Because that means the political costs will be more expensive.

That’s humans for you and all humans are effectively like that. The difference between us and those psycho is that we lie to ourselves first, believing propaganda we told.

Be like psychopaths and understand that deep inside, humans are all psychos. And we will have interpersonal skills, which is simply political skills.