Can We Achieve Equality Without Government?

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Can we achieve equality of outcome without redistribution of wealth?

My take is, redistribution of wealth will just as likely to increase inequality as it is reduce it. It will however, make overall welfare drop.

Why? Simple. When you redistribute wealth you are no longer a capitalist country. Then those who are smart will find other ways to get ahead. Corruption, dictatorship, tyranny. Those lead to inequality before the law which leads to even more inequality of outcome.

Can we get equality of gender without active discrimination? Without say prohibition or penalty against occupation where genders perform differently?

For example, we have prohibition of jobs where women are paid more than men. In most countries, strippers, prostitutions, and porn stars are illegal jobs. Also we have active discrimination against men. There are quota system. There are maternity leaves, and so on.

Will that reduce inequality of gender? Well. Let’s put it this way. Men need only to squirt sperm to reproduce. Women need to get pregnant for 9 months.

For women, making a lot of money in an engineering job will mean far less children. Jobs are time consuming. It’s hard to properly nurse children and get pregnant if you are also pursuing a career.

So what? To be engineers or programmers, you need talents. Talents are genetic. If all the smart women have less children what happens is future generations will have less women talented as engineers.

Currently, there are only like 34% of women in Mensa. Encouraging women to be programmers and engineers will mean the number will likely be less.

In other word, the very act of discrimination to promote equality will actually lead to huge genetic inequality between men and women. This will lead to even more inequality.

But I can be wrong. Similar reasoning can be said that we can never be free from kings and emperors. Well, we did right? Or do we? I mean if peasants want to be emperors then they get killed along with their whole family or be emperor. And then what? Nope. Being free is possible.

Racial equality may be possible, if we eliminate welfare for example, then people that aren’t able to make money productively in all races will be gone and races will have similar IQ and outcome will be the same.

I don’t think gender equality will ever be possible. Or is it?

The only way I can think gender equality can happen is if we have artificial womb or surrogate mothers and both mom and dad can just pay someone to reproduce. But then again, this too will be politically incorrect again for some reason.

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