Can Consensual Sex Between Adult be Non Victimless?

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The answer is yes.

However, my idea of what’s not victimless will differ from most conservative.

You see, the only common case I can think of is if they produce kids they cannot or will not, or in anyway don’t, afford.

That creates two victims. The kids, and the tax payer.

And that’s not all.

We can think of a country as a business and the citizens as stock owners.

Stock owners get dividend in the form of cash. Citizens get dividend in the form of welfare, protection, public utilities, social program, farm subsidy, oil contracts, etc. I strongly suggest plain cash in exchange of that to minimize market distortion.

Companies usually get their income from honest consensual work. Governments are more like Triad, getting income from extortion.

However, some triads are more reasonable than the other and we can always take a hike to another Triad’s protection sphere if the protection fee/tax is too high. So in a sense, governments are like business too that have to compete with other triad like businesses.

What happens when a company prints more of their own stocks and gives it away? It will dilute the value of the stocks.

The same thing, if Governments give citizenships away, it’ll dilute the value of the citizenship.

To avoid dilution of citizenships value, we should require any immigrants or anyone that make kids to buy the fair market value of the citizenships. On the other hand, those who don’t want to make kids can simply sell their citizenships, after death, to another person.

That way, the rich can make thousands of kids, but pay. The poor can get cash and get high. Both will be benefited. Both the liberal and conservative will be very happy.

So that’s the only non victimless aspect of consensual sex. I don’t see how sex outside marriage, or porn is in anyway non victimless unless it causes what I described. Poor kids are born in the wedlock as well as out of the wedlock anyway.

Of course, anything is non victimless if you count disgruntled competitors and envy bigots as victims though.


Well, please discuss this in okay? I’ll be glad to hear any opinion you give.

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