Can Capitalism Reduces Number of Children with Poor Father

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I’ve been thinking.

Many leftist think that while capitalism produces prosperity, capitalism did a bad job to eliminate poverty.

Most often cited “unjust” scenario is that some children are simply born rich and some children are simply born poor.

The child doesn’t choose their parents.

I am in a bit of dilemma. In one hand, it’s true, the child doesn’t choose their parents.

However, parents choose who their partner with to have children.

Women, for example, under capitalism, can simply choose richer men as fathers. The main reason they don’t is because sex, reproductive, and marriage market is not capitalistic enough.

I, for example, choose to pay and offer financial support for beautiful high IQ women that give me children (after paying them for sex to build trust).

Also I want more children the richer I am. I am not interested to have children while I am poor and I want more children now that I am richer.

That way I am maxing out my children’s future. They have the best IQ and plenty of money.

And I do it within capitalism. I don’t get married, for example. I use mistresses and sugar babies to have children. I don’t believe in marriage.

I believe humans are selfish and care only about themselves and their family.

Also I think the most ethical and effective way to get anything, including sex and reproductive help is to just pay for it under clear term that can be self enforced without help from government. Humans are selfish anyway.

The idea of that a man and a woman can love one another even though they are not blood related is weird to me. I see 60% of divorce in marriage as proof that Romance is really just bullshit.

I think the reason why some children have poor or even non existence father is not because of capitalism but because of lack of capitalism.

For example, welfare rewards women to simply pick poor father knowing that the government will pick up the tab. Expensive child support laws prevent rich men from fathering 10-20 children. Anti prostitution laws make paying women for sexual and reproductive service tricky.

So I think if we have ways to make sexual and reproductive market more “capitalistic”, more women will simply pick richer and smarter father.

Just like nobody still uses obsolete type writers given that most customers can easily buy affordable high tech computers. No or very few women will have to settle for poor and financially unreliable men if sexual market is capitalistic.

I wonder if it’s true.

What do you think?

Also is this libertarian?

If it’s true. Then why very few people see it this way. Every time I try to raise the issue people are often mad or something.

A problem I can see is that this will still requires parents to “love” and want the best for their children and start thinking about it BEFORE conception. It is not normal individualist service. And the leftist is partially right. The children doesn’t decide how rich their parents are. How would libertarians see this?

Also why do I often face hostilities when I mention the idea.

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