Burning Ship Phenomena

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Along time ago there was a general named Xiang Yu. He leads Chu’s army to attack Qin on late short lived Qin dynasty.

Xiang Yu then burned his ship. Then he fights the Qin army. Luck would have it, the prime minister of Qin has killed the Qin’s emperor. Hence the Qin’s general knows that he no longer has anyone to be loyal too.

Hence, the Qin gave up. Xiang Yu then easily slaughtered the prisoner of war.

Burning ships are common strategy we saw in many cultures. Sometimes it work. Sometimes it doesn’t. Zealots and Sicariis also burn ships. Here their ship was food of Jerusalem’s defender when they were under siege by Titus. The result was disastrous though.

Also for many technical reasons, the ships must be burned. Putting a small hole on that ship and let it sink slowly sometimes latter wouldn’t work.

Anyway, it’s effectively a 3 party game.

One of the parties is the general, which for “some reason” want to achieve a specific target.

The other party is the troops. While the troops may want to win the war too, they are not as determined. The troops would rather live, then risk life fighting to the death. Imagine if you’re an Iraqi troop fighting US. You probably don’t care if you win the war or not right.? You probably care more about your life and your families’ life.

The third party is the target, or victim, or enemies. We may choose not to count them as “player”. So it’s a 2 or 3 party game.

By burning the ships, Xiang Yu signals to his troops that the ONLY way to live, is to win the war. This is an important aspect of this strategy. If troops know that there are other ways, they would choose that other way than to fight. After all, killing a tough enemy will always require some strong determination.

Now, imagine. Say Xiang Yu doesn’t burn his ships. Then many of his troops may choose to desert rather than fighting the bigger Qin’s troops. That will also lessen the intensive for the Qin’s general to surrender.

Imagine if some of the troops then build their own ships and start fleeing. Then others would do the same too. This, in a sense, damage “moral”, or “morale” of the troops.

Hence, a determined politician, like Xiang Yu, would do well to block his own troops’ options besides fighting the Qin.

We see this in many political situations.

There are many other samples of burning ships effect. In Middle East, no Arab countries want to accept Palestinians’ refugee because they want to keep the conflict alive.

In German, for example, advertising that feature thin beautiful women are prohibited to force males to pick those (relatively) fat and ugly. After all options that we don’t see are options that “don’t exist” for immediate practical purpose. No wonder Europeans have declining birth rate. Being the richest civilization in the world, their males naturally aim for higher quality specimens when it comes to fucking.

Lack of porn stimulation and hope of getting hot babes combined with too much altruism propaganda would make all those males busy making money and paying taxes instead rather than fucking.

The essence is the same. A few determined individuals, say the (“generals”) would limit choices of other individuals (“troops”) to motivate everyone else to support their cause. Whether the cause is worth it, or noble, or not, is beyond the scope of this article.

Ever wonder why porn, commercialized sex, and consensual women’s trafficking are prohibited? Oh ya, most women’s trafficking is consensual by the way just to make that clear. Perhaps inter state sex worker is a more appropriate term.

Again, we have 2-3 parties.

One is people that are determined to prevent polygamy or any form of spouse sharing.

Why would they? Many reasons. I can name a few reasonable ones.

Just like not all shops will have the same number of customers, not all men and women will be able to attract the same number of spouses. Many humans would rather share a spouse with more attractive offers rather than being the only one for a spouse with less attractive offers.

Unfortunately, there is only one niche in gene pool survival. For every man that got many women, for example, there will be another man that doesn’t get any. This alone provides sufficient intensive for say 10-20% of humans’ population to prevent sex outside life long monogamous marriage.

However, most males and females are not that determined to fight for that cause. Xiang Yu’s troops are determined to live more than they are determined to win. The same way, most humans are more determined to get laid rather than determined to screw sexier people. We love sexy people after all right?

There are, after all many escape pods.

Males that couldn’t compete can share a woman. After all, a typical hot babe has 2 hands, 2 feets, 3 useable holes, and can do some tit job while at it. Most hot babes are under utilized anyway.

When I was poor, I am not interested in getting a wife. I’ll just work hard to get rich first so I can get plenty once I am rich. So whether I am rich or poor I am not interested in marriage.

We can watch porn till we’re rich enough to attract a hot babe. We can import women from China or Eastern Europe (consensually). There are many women that would rather be sex workers in rich countries rather than engaging a holy dignified marriage to some clit cutters.

Lists can go on and on. Some males are gay and don’t mind that another male mate with all hot babes. These males aim for different “niche”.

So how do determined bigots motivate everyone to vote against polygamy?

Simple. By prohibiting all alternatives.

That’s why, porn, prostitution, and interstate sex workers are prohibited. All is to full the bigoted morality cause against sexy people.

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