Both Left and Right are Wrong

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Are there cases where you think the right and left are both wrong. For example, Black people get arrested more.

The left says that the solution is more school, more welfare. The right says that the solution is marriage.

I think the problem is their parents’ IQ. Parents IQ are more important to a child’s IQ than parents’ marital status.

High IQ people tend to have other ways to make money besides crime. Be a programmer, make a website, trade bitcoins, be maven, invent better stuff.

When they do crimes, they tend to do it right so they don’t get caught too. Also, the crime high IQ do tend to be crimes that don’t get them to get shot.

So the solution for all races is to well, encourage the high IQ to breed.

Another sample. Both left and right want to prohibit prostitution.

Again, I think prostitution is the right way to deal with women. Everything should be traded. I would love to have children with a prostitute I can just pay to give me children.

After all, it’s not the marital status that determines my child’s IQ. It’s the parents’ IQ. I test my sugar babies’ IQ, of course, before I knocked her up.

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