Biggest Difference Between Conservatives and Liberal

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I think the biggest difference between conservatives and communists is in how they think equality is fair.

Communists believe that inequality is unfair, no matter how it’s achieved. Conservatives can tolerate inequality, also no matter how it’s achieved. Libertarians tolerate inequality depending on whether that inequality earned fairly, productively, and/or consensually.

However, each side pretends as they care about the others’ value. So they often lie. Say Bob is poor because her mom is a slut that fuck for free. Then commies will say Bob is poor because his ancestors were slaves. Say Alice scores high in standardized tests due to her parents picking mates with superior genes. Commies will say the standardized test is racist. Here, commies present narratives that make even libertarians care. The issue they make isn’t an issue at all.

Even if smarter students have higher IQ and hence earn a better grade and graduate faster and have some meaningful ways of their high IQ, commies will say it’s unfair. Because the result is unequal. They will say unfair no matter what the cause of those IQ test differences.

As humans, we don’t act based on facts. We act based on our beliefs. Hence, anything that exposes facts in very obvious ways, like standardized tests, that show that some students are simply way smarter than the other, is then politically incorrect in the eyes of commies.

It doesn’t matter that the students that score higher simply have better genes or better parenting, moms picking richer dad, daddy having more money when choosing to have heirs, or study better, or have more common sense. Commies and leftists will say it’s due to racism, some distant past slavery, some oppressions in the past.

And standardized tests exposed that truth. Unlike wealth and power, for example, that can be earned unfairly, standardized tests are the closest thing to meritocracy. You don’t score better in a test because your ancestors own slaves or because the testers know your race, or because your parents bribe some senators, and so on. Standardized tests show that you are just better at doing tests. Is this because you understand the material better, or because you are genetically superior, it’s pretty obvious that there is nothing unfair with standardized tests.

Conservatives have another approach. They think that inequality is fair no matter how it’s obtained. Conservatives will honor land ownership won through wars, for example. Conservatives will slide with Israel no matter what. Some conservatives will honor dictators for being successful at being on top.

I would say, conservatism will benefit from high IQ. That’s because high IQ people or society that can mobilize their high IQ people are more likely to be on top when hierarchy exists, be it through fair or unfair means. However, many conservatives also have rules that hurt high IQ people, like monogamy or religious dogma.

Also, some inequality that some conservatives may promote may be the idea that some people just deserve genocide.

Libertarians are somewhere between. When it comes to producing wealth through productivity, there is no amount of inequality libertarians are not willing to tolerate. When it comes to other means, then libertarians don’t have agreements.

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