Big Governments vs Big Corporations

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Which one is scarier? Big governments or big corporations?

In general, I think governments are scary and corporations are harmless.

Private sectors good. Public sectors bad.

However, I personally think this is not absolute.

I know the market is winning when people fear big corporations more than the government. Do we want that to win even further?

I wonder if in some cases, really small governments (like Singapore) is effectively private sectors. If you don’t like it, you just don’t go there. If you’re already there, I am pretty sure it’s not tough to find some other country given that Singapore is rich and all.

While really big corporations like twitter is a bit like government. It can censor speech and shift impact your world in many unlibertarian ways.
Not to mention big corporations can lobby and bribe big governments turning into dangerous powerful combo.

Hence, on some extreme cases, big corporations can be scarier than small governments we can just move a few hundred kilometers away.

At least with the government they usually tell before they “ban” you. Private corporations like youtube can ban people and that’s it. You won’t even know why.

In fact, one recurring problem in my life is I am often banned from so many places without knowing why.

Paypal. Indonesian Mensa Lounge. Seeking.

My traits of thinking differently and try new things reward me well in a business where I often have no or little competition due to uniqueness of my idea. However, it makes people that see it think I am doing something nefarious.

In general, I prefer a world where things are decentralized like bitcoin. If that’s not happening yet, I prefer a world where things are semi-centralized. Either the world is divided into smaller countries and services are provided by many competing corporations.

The latter world already happens. Private and public are often just semantic.

Governments that compete are harmless. Corporations with monopoly or fraudulent can be scary.

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