Best Paying Jobs for Women are All Those that are Illegal

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You know the problem with feminism? They insist that women must have equal pay with men in what’s obviously “men’s job”. There are jobs where women are paid more than men. However feminist insist that all those jobs should be illegal.

Here is one of them Wanted, £45-an-hour cleaners – must work naked (and only women may apply)

And how do I know if a job is a men’s job than a woman’s job? I just look at the pay. If men earns more money than women, it’s a man’s job. If women earns more money than men, it’s a woman’s job. If it’s about equal I wouldn’t worry about gender when picking someone to do the job.

If I need a massage, for example, followed with some happy ending finisher, I definitely would hire a beautiful female massage therapists. Would I hire a male one? You probably should ask how much money I should get if I let a male give me a massage.

You see how I am a sexist? I value women more than men for pretty much the same job, giving me massage.

Now what are women’s job?

Housewife (It’s female version of “husband”, except that “husband” usually earns negative salary from his spouse).
massage therapists
porn star

Does that mean that men shouldn’t be a porn star? No. They’re welcome to try. I mean I would like to try that my self if I have the talent. I wish I have that talent. Being good at Math is nice. But having an eternally hard cock and chiseled body may be even better. God must have put more talent points there.

Should women be engineers? Well, they’re welcome to ugh try… Cute… So cute….

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