Being Blamed for Something that Doesn’t Make Sense

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Have you ever been blamed for things you don’t understand and no reasoning seems to placate or change the accusers’ mind?

This happens to me a lot when I was young. People blame me. And then when I don’t understand what the problem is, they say I am too dumb to understand. That happens years after years after years…..

One day I learn to do biz. That means I am FREE. I don’t need a job. I applied anyway. It’s a transition period.

I got a job interview opportunities for unix administrator. Of course, I do not qualify. I don’t like UNIX. I am a windows guy. It’s a waste of both of our time.

They are mad at me. They told me how they have given me a chance anyway and bla bla bla….

I replied go fuck yourself.

Since then I am happy. I never have to care if people want to make me feel guilty of something I don’t feel like I am wrong at all.

Might makes right and the real issue is lack of bargaining position anyway. If the other side have bargaining position they will say 1001 reasons why I am guilty to justify hurting me.

And that may work. Those people often have no shred of honesty at all in their heart. What they said has nothing to do with truth. What they said has a lot to do to make you feel guilty so you join their jihad/crusade against YOU.

Ever heard claims by church that all humans are sinners due to “original sin”. Or what about all whites are racist or all men are rapists or all capitalists are exploitative?

The key here is that there is NOTHING you can do for them not to blame you.

They will hurt you and make you think it’s your fault.

Guess what. It happens to me once in a while too till I see the pattern.

Say a person says I am not racist, I have black friends. To me that’s a very reasonable defense. But they gonna twist things so that the idea that you’re oblivious to their nonsense means you’re racist. Crazy right?

Basically, unless you are racist against your own selves, unless you hate yourselves, or whatever, they will say you’re racist. And the more you appease the more incentive they have to use their bullshit against you.

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