Ayn Rand is an Interesting Figure

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Ayn Rand is an interesting figure. She doesn’t know that optimum strategy is is often mixed strategy. In fact, certain strategy is hard wired to be fixed that you can’t even rationally override that. A sample, would be the gender of your children.

She’s not aware of evolutionary psychology where instincts guide all living things to profit far more than rationality.  In other word, she is a good philosophers, but even she can only go so far.

Her idea that selfish means capitalistic selfish is simply wrong. That’s why she has a hard time explaining all those other people that behave differently than how she thinks. In her mind, it’s the majority that’s “wrong”.

A better model is humans do not maximize wealth but power, and being bigots do indeed serve their own interests because that’s what humans’ utility function is.

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