Should Truth Matter?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I got a lot of bitch slap from Mensa community for saying that I want to hire programmers based on IQ.

The high IQ are great programmers. There is no doubt on that. They are lawzy strategists though.

It is toward anyone’s best interest to support the belief that everyone should want the stuff they peddle especially if you can’t change what’s you’re peddling.

Hence, there we go. The ugly says that love is blind. The poor says women want love. The shag less says that women want loyalty. And the low IQ says IQ doesn’t matter.

It make sense for a low IQ to support that belief. For the high IQ to support the same believe that works against them? That’s not a good strategy. That’s the main flaw of most high IQ people and libertarians. Objective.

In fact, anyone of us seeing above normal effort to show one way should quickly feel that the truth is the exact opposite.

Even if it weren’t true, faith moves mountain. Non zero sum games require communications and honest signals. Signals decide which Nash equilibrium that’s focal and that decides reality.

When people believe in something they count on it, they bet on it, they wish it to happen. When enough people wish something happen, it happens. Imagine if everyone believe that VHS is the better system compared to Beta? Irrelevant of what’s true, VHS will be the standard.

Not to mention that we have government with power to criminalize or drive underground any acts that enough people believe to be “bad” and hence pretty much forcing the “good” alternative. Obviously things that truly are good can’t possibly need that much force. For government to came down from heaven invoking some will we should know for sure, the truth is the opposite.

That means, on typical terms, prostitution must be way better than marriage, porn must be way better than burqha, wealth must be way better than love, promiscuity must be way more attractive to women than loyalty, and IQ is a much better predictor of programming skills than degree. .

How do I know? Because something must be so good for it to be illegal in most countries while the other must be so bad that it’s encouraged in most. Otherwise, the market would have taken care of it and government would not have bothered doing their magic.

All right, I admit. It’s not 180 degree. More like 135 degree. For lies to be credible there must be some truth in it. The Nazi can’t just kill all the Jews. Nazi must kill some mentally retarded people first to convince the world that they’re getting rid the inferiors before they kill the Jews. The same way government would prohibit some really bad things first, like Cocaine, to convince the mass that they really mean for your best interest when they prohibit the much safer ecstasy. Government would prohibits some slave prostitution first before prohibiting high class escorts and concubinage, for example.

When we decide what’s best for others, we have very little intensive to be correct. Those little intensive should be overwhelmed by huge intensive to support beliefs and hence, Nash equilibrium that are favorable to us.

Every normal IQ people instinctively follow their feeling on this. The high IQ do not.

High IQ are great programmers. Period. Anything else is a lie. To lie against the interest of ones’ own self is idiotic. Hence, high IQ people are often idiots and hence mess up their life.

Do High IQ People Make Better Strategy?


I know for sure because I am one.

What I often observe is high IQ people arrogantly believe that they are correct even on objects they do not know. Normal IQ people are often equipped with good guides. It could be their peers. It could be their own emotion. Those 2 guides are what high IQ people often do not follow.

High IQ is often smart on so many areas. Because they’re smart on so many ideas they think they’re smart on all areas too even though the don’t study. Then they don’t get rich, they fail to reproduce, and they either keep feeling that they’re somehow successful, or blame the world for being unfair much latter.

What I see again and again is that high IQ people simply follow their own strange idea that’s false. Then they’re wrong and then they blame the world for being unfair, even though they face the misfortune because of their own choosing.

I don’t blame them. They’re right. They’re correct. There is a difference between being correct, happy, and successful. All those are different things.

Like every losers, it’s so easy to let our creativity works against our success. Rather than blaming our own action which we could have changed, we can easily claim that we are morally superior rather than strategically messed up. And the higher the IQ, the easier it is for them to do this, till they realized and accept that they really are wrong.

Truth is often complicated. And facts where we can deduce truth are often hidden, replaced by lies. Those lies are often what high IQ people used as guidance for their reasoning, often toward catastrophic result.

This may not sound as weird as it seems.

I’ll give you an example.

Recently I’ve heard some guy put $400k money in Century bank. The Century bank went bankrupt on one of the biggest bank scandal in Indonesia. He lost his deposits, and I’ve heard many commit suicide.

To add the insult, to avoid guaranteeing the depositors, government pay up some safety fund that goes to some thieves. I think it goes around $600 billion. It’s a crisis of the century.

People complain about paying our officials high salary

Any employers should know that the true cost of hiring people should include the cost catastrophic mistakes they make. Not to mention how many of those “mistakes” do not hurt and can often be profitable for those making it.

What we know:
Depositing money in bank is safe. We in fact swallow lower interests in exchange of that safety.

The truth is:
Depositing money in a bank is very unsafe. Nothing is safe except our own understanding.

Ah.. but the fairy tales is guarded by layers and layers of lies. Don’t we have a government guarantee for those deposited funds.

No. What happen is after the fact is happening, the government argues that due to Century’s higher interest rate, the deposits shouldn’t count as deposits and hence shouldn’t be guaranteed.

Make sense? No. Of course not. Is this what those depositors have in mind when they deposited their money. No. Obviously no.

Okay, what can we learn here:
1. World is unfair.
2. Justification for world affairs often doesn’t make sense.


That’s reality.

If you ask David Copperfield, how the hell he made Liberty Statue disappear, he too would say something that doesn’t make sense. He would say, “Ah, I teleported the statue somewhere else, then I build a new one in a blink of an eye.”

Of course that doesn’t make sense. The same goes for religions, morality, our sense of justice, our politically correct reason to prohibit prostitution, etc. None of those make sense. How the hell on one hand we have freedom of religion and on the other hand some guy demand many goes to jail for offending religious moral? Those justifications don’t make sense. They never are.

Because they’re not true.

However a high IQ people will simply follow his logic and follow their understanding based on those false assumptions. “How could, I have known,” they said, “Government clearly stated that they will guarantee deposits. Now this totally doesn’t make sense justification. Everyone else is an idiot and I suffer.”

It’s true they’re wrong. They’re not an idiot though. They are wrong strategically, at your expense.

To understand something that makes sense, you need a correct theory based on truth in a sense of what’s really going on. That theory is based on a more correct assumption and those assumptions are hidden.

Here is a correct theory. Any powerful entities do not need justice and honor to persuade the population to submit to their will. They need only illusion of justice and honor.

Often, being truly honorable is costly. Just like honoring commitment to guarantee deposited funds. However, not maintaining illusion of honor will also be costly because government wants you to put your money on Indonesian banks. So everybody, including all of us, sort of want to have the cake and eat it too. Why not?

And hence, a fairy tales need to be invented to justify acting dishonorably without losing a lot of reputation.

The majority of the population is not very smart to see the problem, and to be frank, they’re not really interested. It’s not their problem. They don’t have $400k to be stored somewhere. Often they’re benefited by the problem.

So it is natural then to understand that storing money in a bank is actually very risky. It is also very understandable to see that government will not pay and will simply find a reason not to pay.

The problem is, do you need to lose your whole life time earning first before you know that?

Were you smart enough, you would probably have joined the corruptions and earn huge. Again, it’s just facts.

Facts, that normal IQ people know. High IQ people often have high paying occupations (or think that they will get one) in private sectors they do not even look for opportunities there. Till it’s too late. Then they cry unfair.

Do we need to be evil to be successful? No. However in unfair countries that defy meritocracy and free market, yes. That’s virtually all countries on some aspects. As sure as I know that there is no way you can be a millionaire productively or honestly if you’re born in North Korea, I can tell you this. Part of you, just got to screw somebody up so you can get ahead.

By the way, the statement above works at least in a sense. In a sense, that’s actually a theorem.

Even if the world is fair, normal IQ people can still outperform high IQ people. They stick on one thing they do it well. That’s it.

If you really want to use your rational mind, please at least use correct theory. That means learning a LOT. Truth is not simple and often hidden. The simpler truth where we can derive a lot of facts are well hidden when it comes to those what truly matter. If you don’t learn, you’re in a great danger of making major mistakes.

Even Zhuge Liang, known as the smartest guy in the world, is rumored to have an ugly wife. So what has he truly achieved really?

Speaking of girls, I remember how I ignored an advice that women prefer the rich. I simply thought it was wrong. Then I made major mistakes in my life. Then I know I am the one that’s wrong. Then I ended up writing a book, so others do not make the same mistakes. Guess what, the book don’t sale. No body believes me.

At the end, rational people often lose, and they understandably cry that life is unfair because it is. If only I can help them realizing it earlier I could have helped a lot of people. But they’re smart. They won’t listen to me. Then what? I can’t save them.

The path to salvation don’t change much across millennia. We would expect that we got that hard wired in our emotion, if only we listen.

The same way, normal people do make better strategies based on those proven hard wired preferences.

For programmer though, hire a high IQ. This is something not even high IQ people would agree, but many normal IQ people that have worked with lots of programmers would obviously know.

There is No Ghost There, But There is Something Else There

I still remember a story my teacher told me when I was young.

2 white guys come to a mountain. The villagers said that the mountain is haunted by ghosts. The villagers tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent the tourists from going up the mountain. The tourists went up, never to be heard from again. Or quite like that.

I supposed some high tech embassy start getting involved. Scientists then examine the mountain.

They didn’t find any ghosts. However, they did find that the scientists are death, due to gas poisoning.

There isn’t a ghost there. But there was something there.

That taught us something about faith and religions in general.

It’s most likely untrue. Still, there is something there. But what?

Also notice that the villagers have low tech. Poisoning gas concept is just beyond their capability to grasp. They did the best they can with the understanding that they have to do their best. It’s hard to blame the villagers. After all, the smart tourists are the one insisting going up.

Things can be quite benign. Rules for not stealing for example.

If we study game theory, we will see that working and stealing is like a prisoner dilemma game. If it’s up to the market, everybody would steal. Well, free market is not really that weak actually. However, let’s ignore that for a while.

So a natural arrangement is then to punish cheaters. Now being productive is more profitable than stealing and people tend to be more productive.

That’s not all. Moral structures that “work” will out perform moral structures that don’t work. That’s why free market rules tend to spread and dominate most cultures.

That being said, many ancient, norms and mores that are based on nonsense do deserve some credits. People may believe them out of faith, or fear, or whatever. Still there is something there. There is a reason why those norms are popular. Namely those are the norms that work.

So what should we do?
1. There is something there so we should believe it anyway
2. There is something there but we better understand what is it first and then reinvent the wheel

Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. Notice that most people really do not have an option beyond 1.

The advantage of approach 1 is that we build on what used to work in the past. Then we conjectures that what used to work in the past sort of work now.

These has 2 problems.

1. Due to technological changes, what’s optimum in the past is not what optimum is now.
2. Even when they are actually similar, people often have various intensive to persuade societies from performing the optimum solution. Hence, the mass basically follow what they think to be what’s working in the past.

It’s easy to see samples of these 2 issues. In ancient time, there is no way to know whose the father of a child is. Hence, marriage is important. Nowadays, with DNA testing, we no longer need marriage for that purpose.

In ancient time, humans are poorer. Hence, relative fear induced by death penalty, as opposed to fine, for example, are lower in ancient time.

In ancient time, if I were fined $1 million dollar, for example, I would ended up being slave, and then get tortured to death at the whim of my owner.

So, stoning a woman to death for adultery is a more proportional deterrence in ancient time. Such women steal inheritance from her husband by begetting kids that’s not his.

Nowadays, it’s still happen, but not because of our lack of knowledge of fatherhood. Now it happens because our social structure simply “emulate” the problem by requiring father of cuckold husband to pay up anyway even though it’s obviously not his biological children.

And finally, religions compel us to follow the whim of religious interpreters. There is nothing in the bible that says that women deserve half.

However, most religious bigots demand that you get married first before having sex. Getting married means you legally agree to pay half. So religious bigots effectively want you to agree to something bible never tells you to.

Reinventing the wheel also has problems.

As I said. Following the ancient norms is pretty much the only option for many. When we reinvent the wheel, we may be wrong. If we follow the ancient norms, we may be wrong too, but at least we can’t get too wrong.

Communism is one such experiment where some guy just reinvent the norms by getting rid poverty right.

Any Han Chinese that wonder, how the hell western civilization can exceed them for all these years need only to look at communism to blame.

Humans evolve slowly. What used to work now, are not far from what used to work before. We should change. But slowly.

Should We Excuse People For Traits Beyond His Control?

Though not direct, traits we think are beyond their control are actually still results of choices. If not their choices, their parent choices. Just like I wouldn’t want to work hard if I can’t inherit my wealth to my children, it make sense to reward children then out of their parent’s contribution.

Conversely, it make sense to see that some children are under privileged due to his parents’ lack of contribution. Having it any other way will reduce parent’s motivation to contribute to the economy and making wise choices.

Simple meritocratic principles rewarding people based and strictly based on merit will maximize productivity as a whole without exception.

When we excuse people for having a negative trait because we think it’s beyond their control, we start persuading people, if not compelling them to fail. The truth is it’s still in their control or in their parents’ control.

Think it this way. Welfare program for example. Most Asian girls would not have free sex without some form of financial commitment. Asian girls avoid the poor. They know that they and their children will have to fully pay for their choice of picking a poor male. Most european girls do not have that problem because their government pay up for all expense anyway.

If women are picking financially unproductive males, while financially productive males are enslaved by life time alimony, what messages that will send to all males?

Here, welfare program not only take money away from the productive, but also take women away from the productive. Combined with heavy control of marriage, government effectively do more than just increasing or persuading more poverty. Government actually forcefully create it.

As for those who complain that IQ is not a result of choice, well, let’s put it this way. Why doesn’t his/her mom pick a mensacock? Just kidding. But well, all traits are results of choices and free market will take care of them all. People do not have high IQ because their parents choose path of ignorance. They do not want to know. Not knowing means less thinking and can mean more result. And hence, higher IQ doesn’t serve them. It’s as if they choose to have lower IQ, just like I often choose to ignore many aspects of life that’s not my thing anyway.

As for those who complain that those who are born poor don’t choose to be born that way, well let’s put it this way. If women prefer the rich, how can there be any kids with poor dad. Well, another huge topic.

Again and again, deviation from normal meritocratic norm is the culprit of all traits we tolerate because we think it’s not caused by choices.

There is Something About IQ Isn’t It?

Say somebody sing very well. Did anyone ever say, “EQ is more important than singing skills.” or “I hate people that discriminate based on singing talents.”

Did anyone ever heard of people calling Tiger Wood idiot for being able to play golf very well and not being good at say Basket Ball?

One day I was going home from a Caltech interview. Every body talked about how a girl is going to get in. That’s because her GRE is 600.

After she’s gone I quietly asked, how come she’ll get in? Her GRE is only 600. Most of us have a perfect 800 GRE. Even if the time is halved, I think I can still score perfect on my GRE. I didn’t think I’ll get in. How come everyone think she’ll get in?

Then they told me, “Because she’s a woman.”

Yet, it’s normal. It’s okay. It’s okay to deliberately discriminate in favor of someone because she’s a woman. Yet it’s not okay to discriminate based on IQ. Even though the latter has more merit justification.

A friend of mine couldn’t finish his homework for 2 months. I helped him by learning a whole new programming language and finish the homework all within 2 hours.

It makes me wonder. What am I learning in this school? Why everybody has to move so slowly? Isn’t that a discrimination against those who can run faster?

People just think it’s fair that the majority of people can learn on their speed, yet the high IQ cannot.

Yet there is one boss that’s always fair. It’s free market itself, personified. If we can produce something we got what we produce. It’s simple. It doesn’t matter every body says we can’t. It doesn’t matter we do not have the right degree, or from the wrong gender.

If we believe we can, we do it. If we’re wrong, we’re the one that pay for it.

Free market is always fair. That’s how I become a businessman. So I can avoid all those crazy discrimination I am sick off.

I want to free as many people as possible from that discrimination. If I give chance based on degree, I would be unfair. Not simply because somebody doesn’t have a degree means he’s stupid. Maybe he’s poor. Maybe he can’t afford a good education. Maybe he’s just like me. Sick of formal government infested curriculum.

Yet again and again, my first reaction when I tried to hire people based on IQ is that I shouldn’t. It’s as if I did something wrong to those with lower IQ.

It’s my biz. I should have a right to hire based on any criteria I wished. Obviously I have a good reason to select my own criteria. If I were wrong, I am sure the market would have corrected me by rewarding those that are more correct than I am.

Very well. I may be wrong. Perhaps I should give chance for everyone. Actually I would, if anyone really wants to.

Actually there are plenty of unlimited chances for anyone if they want to be hired based on result. When we pay based on result, we do not take risk if those we hire is incompetent to produce result.

There are plenty of such opportunities. I still remember the first time I sign up for an affiliate account. There is no resume. No interview. No convincing. Everybody is accepted. I developed a program to analyze and PPC arbitrage. That’s how I earned my living for a while.

Why they accept anyone? Because they pay most people that do not produce result 0. It’s as simple as that.

When we hire people, we commit to spend time and money irrelevant of whether that guy can produce any result or not. Of course I want someone that won’t waste another month of my time. Of course I want talents. In fact, most managers nowadays agree that talents should be the main criteria we use to hire people besides attitude.

No body complains when we hire singers based on their singing talent. But there is something about IQ. There is something that just hurt ego of everyone. We are trained to be sympathetic to those IQ haters. Then we give in. We think those who hire based on IQ are evil somewhat.

Perhaps there is indeed something about IQ that is ubber other talents. Handsome face can attract women, but useless in battle. Strong arms will make good boxers, but useless outside the ring.

IQ is simply useful in too many area of life.

IQ is like wealth for males. It’s like beauty for women.

Those traits are too good. It helps those who own it too much competitive advantage compared to others that so many wants to nullify it.

Hence by trying to be politically correct, we hide them as if it’s nothing. As if it’s something to be ashamed off. For we fear that others may be mad when we have that.

And a reasonable fear do we have indeed. Extermination of Armenian and Jews. Prohibition of prostitution and porn. All those are motivated by the same bigotic traits. Tendency to kick those with traits that are too good out of the reproductive market, and hence exterminating competitors with better and more attractive offers.

We have 3 choices. We can live in fear like this for the rest of our life and not use our talents. We can embrace our traits freely and risk the wrath of those who can’t compete with us. Or we can embrace everything and understand the whole issue.

For no matter what, our traits are part of us, and we’ll live with it for the whole of our life. Even more. For some traits are more eternal than life itself. Passed on by our ancestors toward our offspring. It’s only natural that we embrace all that we are.

IQ vs EQ

I know EQ well. My friend has very good EQ and hence have slept with more women than I am. That’s good. Yea I know evolution theory. Your feeling gets you farther than your mind when it comes to reproductive success and pretty much anything that “matters”.

The article has a hidden agenda of belittling IQ I see.

Which one will bring you success depends on the path you take.

Just like golf skill is awesome if you’re a golf professional like Tiger Wood. And musical skill is awesome for musician. IQ is awesome if you’re a programmer.

To be frank, I admired so many people of their talent. There is no way in a long shot I can play basket ball as well as others. Search death waltz and you wonder what kind of people are playing that. Go to seminars and see how those speakers peddle about how you should copy someone else’s posture. WTF?

However, when it comes to learning Math, Physics, and Programming, it comes so easy for me. Only 3 Newton rules and we can derive planet movement and building.

Others got their talent, and that’s awesome.

However to work for me you need to do many different tasks. Many of which you probably only do once or twice. Having to retrain people to each task is too expensive because it costs me my time, which defeats the purpose of hiring. Somebody that can think of her own. Somebody that I can entrust my biz to. That’s what I am looking for.

IQ has an edge compared to others. Accuracy. High IQ people tend to pick theory that fit reality more. That’s because they can pattern recognize rules better. If you have a high IQ and you’re willing to learn, you’re not going to be surprised seeing corruption in Indonesia. You’ll see, of course. That’s what happen when our interests are not properly aligned with productivity.

As the article said. I have a hard time building a mutual understanding with lower IQ people. One day I’ll hire them too. But not after I have a bunch of other people to ask advice from. For now, I’ll hire someone I can understand.

Forsake All Others

Most Religious Bigots say that you have to forsake all others when you get married.

Obviously they do not want you to be best seller.

However, now they have someone with intensive to enforce their will. Your wife. Now, wify obviously has intensive to own all of you. Any resources or attention you give to others will be less for her.

Not a good bargain in my opinion. However, I have another similar suggestion.

Forsake all those who are not your target market.

So if all you want is hot smart pretty babes that may want to be your fuck toy consensually, forsake all others.

That is. Forsake the ugly, the fat, that dumb, the imbecile, the feminazis, and everything else.

You can’t please everyone. Face it.

Most capitalists say that their boss are their customers. Well, those who are your target market are at least your potential boss. Those who aren’t are not even going to be your target market.

Also how many girls you want in your life? There are 3 billions of those womyn in the world. You probably want like 5-6 right? Okay. Maybe 20. That’s less than .0001%.

You really do not need to care about too many of them. Perhaps make sure they don’t get rape to deprive the uncompetitive out of girls and set a good capitalistic precedence of consent. Perhaps encourage free trade. Also perhaps you care about other hot babes that live far away from you because who those hot babes end up with may affect the market value of hot babes near you. That’s it.

Facism is on Rise in Germany


About the adult classification, yes, if a domain is classified as “adult” by google and the visitors are from
China/Germany/India/Korea, there will be no ads on the parking pages.

Soon, I’ll see german sending pretty thin women into concentration camp to appease the ugly. That is irrelevant of surveys, opinions, and polls suggesting that pretty women are more desirable than the ugly. All those polls will be censored I think.

I’ve heard they prohibit thin women from becoming a model, which is the only think a thin pretty women can do to earn a decent income.

Scary…. Not to mention that it spreads to China, Germany, India, Korea

What next? Burqha?

If only somebody can shine the light to those dark oppressed region. Say by 50k baidu traffic per day. We’ll save those hot babes from extinction and genocide. All shall know that they can safely suck our cocks here.

I think I just know what to do, rather than keep trying to find sponsor. I’ll just make the world a better place for all men.

Do Some People Care They’re Getting Extinct

You don’t care.

Many do. And that’s why they prohibit so many things. That’s my answer to Mama’s question.

Many do care about their gene pool survival and instinctively opposes anything that get in the way of it. They’re hardwired to do so by their genes. Think of them like pests. Pests just have to survive by eating food. The same way religious bigots just have to prohibit free sex to persuade women into marriage. They’re like pests.

And when libertarian choose to be childless, I guess non libertarian have won then. Then you wonder why most people are not libertarian. They’re decendant of those who aren’t.

And you, I guess the faithful have won again. They made you realize that you don’t really want to survive in the gene pool anyway.

Looks like everybody win. If the poor stop making kids, ah we need more population. If the productive start making kids, ah the world is full. Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

I mean, price of cars are artificially made high by prohibition of import. The same way cost of raising children is artificially made high by alimony, child support (that often don’t go to the child), etc. That’s not market mechanism. If government want kids to be supported, government should impose a constant obligation, say $5k/year per child, irrelevant of the parents’ wealth. The purpose of higher child support cost for the rich is to punish the rich for making kids. You fearing that punishment then become childless.

As for ideas that I want to leave on, it’s simple.

1. Just like we should stop producing B&W TV when demands for it no longer exist, the same way we should stop producing people that are unemployed. Humans’ reproduction, as well as production of anything, should match market demand.
2. Like TV, the market will sort of take care of it. Just get rid welfare program, and women that pick the rich will have more grandchildren. Those who produces what the market want will be richer. They can “hire” more women to make more kids should they choose, or inherit more money to each of those kids. Or just have fun all they want. Redistribution of wealth makes welfare parasites attractive for women. How does that make you feel ha?