Is Life Equally Precious?

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In the heart of pro-life movement is the illogical and wrong nonsense that all humans’ life is equally precious. Humans’ life, like any life, can be precious. Equally? Seriously?

Saying that all humans life is equally precious is like saying that an ice cream stands on the street worth as much as Microsoft or Facebook.

They’re equal in a sense. Neither can rob or loot others. However, sold to the market, of course, Microsoft and Facebook worth far more. They’re equal in one sense and unequal in another.

If an ice cream stand go public, it won’t worth more than $10k.

People think life is equally precious. That someone with down syndrome has a life worth that’s the same with a college graduate with 160 IQ. If I have down syndrome, I would want to die.

That all parents will spend an equal amount of money to say, reduce the chance of each child’s death rate by .01%. That the parents will equally likely want to give birth to the child irrelevant of the quality of the child.
We’re not equal. We’re just presumed equal. We don’t want precedents that Bill Gates can kill John Doe and argue that John’s life isn’t worth it.

Also, free market has a way to decide superiority without having government to actively declare some are superior or inferior.

Let each one works and sees which one makes more money. If Ann is very smart and Bob has down syndrome, the law can treat them equal. However, we all know that Ann will make far more money than Bob. We know they’re not equal.

It is precisely because we know they’re not equal we can presume they’re equal. Treat them equally anyway. The market will show which one deserves more money.

However, economically speaking, we are never equal. How many of you want to mix a gene of ugly women with yours and create another baby? We all want the genes of smart pretty girls. The girls? They have their own preferences too.

I am not superior. Many girls want to pick others than me. So? So I learn. I make more money. I do planks. I walk 12k steps a day. I lose weight. I am not equal to the eye of the market.

If girls don’t find me sexy I am inferior and will be exterminated in sexual selection competition. And that’s fair. If I can get girls, I’ll knock up many of them and exterminate others. That too, is fair.

Libertarians Need Politicians

Libertarians need politicians as much as defendants in court need lawyers.

Actually, all of us kind of do. Yes, many of us may hate lawyers and politicians and they’re psychopath literally.

But we need some of them in our side and we’re kind of one of them too.

All of us are amateur lawyers and politicians for ourselves.

We also need to understand politic and laws ourselves.

I often hear libertarians say all politicians are crooked and we should avoid the political process. I think that’s really not helping.

Reasones Ideological

People are ideological for a reason. That reason is selfish. Why do you think I am a capitalist? I must be very benefited by capitalism. My lack of ability to follow societies’ norms means I am always blamed for things I don’t understand.

They will always come with so many justification to discriminate against me. I don’t smile the right way, I don’t handshake the better way, my eyes don’t meet theirs. So it doesn’t matter how good my grades are or how well I do my job, I won’t be hired or get a raise because I don’t look at the right direction when they shake my hand.

Not if someone else decides my life.

So who I turn to? The market. Well, not the job market. I can make a little money there and I do my job well happily anyway. The market gives me something all other ideologies cannot.

If I do well, I get a lot. Period.

No “referee” need to come and say, ummm….. let me think if you really deserve this. I don’t have fixed salary. I got commissions when I was in internet marketing. I can make really a lot if I am smart and think outside the boxes.

So, of course, I am a capitalist.

I would imagine someone that cannot make money out of market will not be capitalists. Imagine an incel in Indonesia or USA seeing all the pretty girls are taken. They too will want some religious laws against porn and prostitution and against “vice”

I used to hate them. Now I just want to understand them. It’s not as simple as this is right and we can “reason” that some are right or some are wrong. It doesn’t work that way.

Difference Between I and Conservatives

I think the difference between I and conservatives is in how they see traditional relationships. Conservatives want a traditional marriage, defined as man vs woman fucking each other till one of them is death.

I want a traditional relationship where the man earns money and women submissively get knocked up by the man. It doesn’t have to be marriage. Whatever used to work is fine. What’s the difference? Well. Conservatives think that the relationship should be called marriage. Many got this thing against sex outside marriage.

I don’t. I think any mutually consensual relationship is good. You call it marriage, sugar relationship, or prostitution. She can scream whatever turns her on when you bang her, Baby, Daddy, husband, God, what?

I do not see anything wrong with multiple husbands or multiple wives in one household.

Conservatives and liberals, also add many terms that are not exactly traditional in most cultures. Things like huge alimony, no-fault divorce, and monogamy. Later they will add castration and religious conservatives will still say that sex outside marriage is a sin.

Are Men Smarter Than Women

Are men smarter than women?

I don’t know.

But there is a way to know from evolutionary psychology points of view.

Do smarter men more successfully reproduce than smarter women?

We become what evolution pushes us to.

If smarter men get more wealth and attract more women and produce more children, the answer is yes.

If smarter women go to college and be doctors or lawyers and produce fewer children, then the answer is also yes.

It may sound sexist to say that some jobs are men’s jobs. The thing is, men only contribute to sperms (and usually a lot of money) for reproduction. Women have to get pregnant.

So it’s natural that men are more diligent than women. Diligent men can get more money and attract more women. Diligent women will simply not get pregnant and go extinct.

Any laws that encourage women to do man’s job will lead to racial extinction. We’re seeing that in Europe, in Japan, in China, and in any “developed” world.

What is the point of being smart if you’re not rich? What is the point of being rich if you don’t reproduce? So you can inherit it to third world immigrants that fail to make money but have more children than you?

In fact, what is the point of anything if that doesn’t lead us to have more children? That’s the essence of evolutionary psychology.

Why Trump is Funny

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Trump Being Funny

Hate Trump if you will (I don’t).

We got to admit he’s funny. And for democracy, funny is important. Funny people are persuasive (except, probably me). Being funny is probably a more important criterion for being a US president than say, be good at Math or have high IQ, or have a good GPA.

Democracy is so complex that the guy that gets the job is the guy that’s good at selling himself.

Some people would say isn’t that how most products do?

Well. No. I buy my xiaomi phones based on specs. Ads matter but I got good specs I can compare.

Picking president in democracy is like picking unit link or picking the best timeshare. In those products 80% of what you pay are ads. In picking leaders, 80% of what your candidates do is raising funds for ads.

Some would say that Trump is a conmen. Well. That’s hard to define. Politicians, in general are conmen, like insurance agents in my country selling overpriced product. You just pick the one more convincing.

Super Dad Origin Story

Super Dad origin story: SWIM (Someone who isn’t me) just came back from a mission from another town.

There, SWIM got a distress signal from a maiden in distress. I need $150 to pay for my college. If I didn’t have that by Monday I will have to repeat my semesters, she said. SWIM asks for photos to share with his team.

She looks cute enough. Video chat confirms that. She really is a college student in a state university. Quite smart too. I can give you $70 for a few job, says SWIM. But I really need $150 by 1st August says the girl. SWIM then proposes 3some.

However, none of SWIM’s other team is replying. SWIM’s sidekick has another job. SWIM’s teacher isn’t around. Where are you? Well. I am in Serang. Says the girl. Given that you’re so far away, why don’t you go to our headquarters, SWIM asks in a neutral normal font.

The girl got an anonymous OVO transfer for $11. I am coming says the girl. Unknown to the girl, SWIM forward her conversation to his friends. Near the H hours the girl says OTW. SWIM meets the girl. The girl wants to go to hotel straight because she’s tired.

In the hotel SWIM tries to analyze how the girl went into this deepshit in the first place. My dad has another wife, he died leaving $11k loan. He also gets my mom to be fired from his job because he wants to be the man.

That’s why I don’t want to get married. I am scared my husband gonna be like that. Says the girl. Well. That’s just how marriage works. You need a sugar daddy says SWIM. Meanwhile, SWIM’s guru says he wants to join.

Why don’t you video chat with him and see if you want 2 people at once? Finally, the guru comes. The guru berates SWIM for bad hotel choice. This room is bad. We should cancel and change room.

Then the three of us go to Guru’s Mobile (tm) finding better hotels at slightly more expensive price. The guru also set the mood with lasers, dildo, vibrator, morning after pill, and many tools.

I am on my period says the girl. Doesn’t really matter. Let’s try that anyway says the Guru. Well. So the three starts doing their stuffs. The guru fuck the girl, and SWIM gets blowjob.

SWIM got his first threesome and learn how to make girls feel good straight from a more experienced hero.

In the morning, SWIM tells the girl. Society may say we’re a bad guy. But we’re not your dad.

Here is $150 for your college fee. You need to fix your teeth and do more of this for more. The happy girl says thank you.

You just need to learn how to control your shame and get used to work naked. It’s what girls do anyway to get money. Whether she is prostitute or a wife, there isn’t much difference unless she’s ugly.

The girl smiles. The girl left to Serang, leaving SWIM and his guru.

Then we went to breakfast together. SWIM asks his Guru. Are we the good guys?

Well. Are you crazy? says the Guru. We are the kind of guys every parents tell their girls not to meet. Really? Asks SWIM I’d rather my daughter meet someone like us than someone like that girl’s dad.

You are crazy says the guru.

Well. Swim have made tons of mistakes and realizes that maybe everyone else is correct.

Deep inside SWIM feels something good. I am glad we saved that girl in ways most people can’t. Says SWIM. We’re super heroes.

I went all the way to Bandung to meet a pretty college sugar baby. We talked about lots of things when I was on the bus. She wears hijab and stuff. She told me how Islam is “perfect”

She makes me think a lot. Obviously, I care about whether I am going to get laid or not after travelling quite far.

It’s a none issue. She’s way nicer than the other babies. I have a wonderful “date”. Turns out she is a college student in a state university. I am impressed. Not good at Math and I didn’t get her to do IQ tests. We’re busy doing “something else”.

Persuading her to have children outside marriage may be tough but itit’s not something I should worry too much after the first date. I think she needs more “deradicalization”. But so are most girls in Indonesia.

What makes me wonder is by how much religions actually change people’s behavior. She is obviously a religious person that doesn’t mind to be a sugar baby.

To me, it’s pretty strange that someone would act inconsistently with his/her beliefs. I don’t believe bitcoin will go up and don’t buy. I don’t believe bitcoin will go down and don’t sell. In fact, I believe that I don’t know whether bitcoin will go up or down and hence spread my investment. I act in ways that are consistent with my beliefs.

Others do not. They believe sex outside marriage is sin, and they do it.

She still does many of her tenets. She doesn’t eat pork and stuff. I wonder if religion can persuade people to switch from Pepsi to coke?

It seems, and this is how I think religion works. People have a subconscious mind that will correct them against truly stupid rational thought.

The religious one is the conscious one. So it is actually normal for most people to act in ways that are not consistent with what they consciously believe.

To be blunt. Her left brain is religious. Her right brain “normal”. I don’t think left and right brain theories are correct. More like her reptilian brains (amygdala, brain stem) work normally. Religions just change the “software” in neocortex. It seems that religions work mainly not by changing people’s behavior but by changing their beliefs so they can more easily convince someone else perhaps?

And that’s probably why I am not religious. Other people can be religious because they simply do not do what their religion tells. I have a hard time doing that.

Either I believe religion is true and do what religions teach and reach horrible results (like practicing abstinence). Or I don’t believe in religion and that’s what I do now.

Think about it. Do any Christians turn the other cheek? Not fight their enemies? Sell all their properties and give it to the poor? Those who do will do very badly in the genepool and have gone. Yet there are still tons of Christians.

Religious people are able to simply switch off religious commandments that lead to extinction.

I don’t have that switch. So I am not religious. I expect more research on this.

Big Governments vs Big Corporations

Which one is scarier? Big governments or big corporations?

In general, I think governments are scary and corporations are harmless.

Private sectors good. Public sectors bad.

However, I personally think this is not absolute.

I know the market is winning when people fear big corporations more than the government. Do we want that to win even further?

I wonder if in some cases, really small governments (like Singapore) is effectively private sectors. If you don’t like it, you just don’t go there. If you’re already there, I am pretty sure it’s not tough to find some other country given that Singapore is rich and all.

While really big corporations like twitter is a bit like government. It can censor speech and shift impact your world in many unlibertarian ways.
Not to mention big corporations can lobby and bribe big governments turning into dangerous powerful combo.

Hence, on some extreme cases, big corporations can be scarier than small governments we can just move a few hundred kilometers away.

At least with the government they usually tell before they “ban” you. Private corporations like youtube can ban people and that’s it. You won’t even know why.

In fact, one recurring problem in my life is I am often banned from so many places without knowing why.

Paypal. Indonesian Mensa Lounge. Seeking.

My traits of thinking differently and try new things reward me well in a business where I often have no or little competition due to uniqueness of my idea. However, it makes people that see it think I am doing something nefarious.

In general, I prefer a world where things are decentralized like bitcoin. If that’s not happening yet, I prefer a world where things are semi-centralized. Either the world is divided into smaller countries and services are provided by many competing corporations.

The latter world already happens. Private and public are often just semantic.

Governments that compete are harmless. Corporations with monopoly or fraudulent can be scary.

Why Capitalism Thrives Despite its’ Weakness

Like all ideology, capitalism has a weakness. Can capitalism win the war? Not by much. Well. Capitalism isn’t a war ideology, to be honest.

Capitalist countries have an edge in war. Capitalism can bring wealth that’ll put huge output on the war machine.

That’s how the US won. The US outproduced many many more ships and stuff than the Japanese.

So yea, the society with capitalism, can win wars. However, Capitalism isn’t a war ideology and don’t have many edges compared to others.

The US lost Vietnam war against peasants. Capitalists can’t stomach too much lost of humans’ life. Many things, probably essential to war at that time, like the draft, went against capitalistic principles.

Can it win the election? Barely. People vote based on what they think will work, not on what’s working. What’s working may influence what they think will work, but not by much.

Religions and communism can win the election just as well, if not more than capitalism.

Socialism win election in Venezuela.

Religions and socialism promised good things for many people. Good, believable things. Are those real? Does it work? Most likely, no. But again, promises and beliefs count much more in the election than real results.

So we have this ideology that merely gives better results. It doesn’t win the war easily and doesn’t win the election easily.

All capitalism does is give better results and prosperity for the people. That looks pretty bleak.

How can an ideology gets adopted if it can’t win the war or can’t win the election?

Miraculously, the world is getting more and more capitalistic?

And that’s because of competition among nations.

If we use reasoning, results hardly matter. There are so many ways to convince dumb voters or soldiers that bad plans are awesome.

However, when we try different things and see results, results matter because it influences believe so directly. Everyone can see the result.

Even the poor in South Korea is better off than the poor in North Korea. Even the poor in the US is better off than the poor in Venezuela.

I think that’s the reason why this weak ideology, called capitalism, can thrive. Not through promises or rhetoric or philosophy or argument.

Capitalism thrives when the world can try many different things, and more capitalistic countries are richer.

Capitalism thrives when the results matter. Capitalism thrives when governments themselves compete like businesses.

So if we want even more capitalism and prosperity, we need to make governments compete like fuck.

Then everybody wins.