Fabian Libertarianism

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

You can’t have full libertarianism or full anything. We can get quite damn close.

Look at uber. That’s a step closer to libertarianism. The government is no longer the one regulating taxi. Private companies do.

Look at bitcoin. That’s a step closer to libertarianism.

Look at competition among nations. Look at how our countries are divided into different provinces/states we can choose. That’s a step closer to libertarianism. That’s because people pick who govern them by foot and wallet like they pick shops.

UBI? That too is good news for libertarianism. Before the government decides how much redistribution of wealth is and how it is spent (say to subsidize poor kids and encouraging them to breed). Now, the market decides where the money goes. That too is a libertarian direction.

UBI also comes with other libertarian packages. What would voters do to increase their UBI? Legalizing and taxing drugs is a way. Simplifying tax so businesses still come despite the tax is another. All those are libertarianism.

Many libertarians say we shouldn’t vote so as not to give legitimacy to the government or we should violently rebel.

Even the commies are smarter. Know fabian society? That’s people trying to make the world communist by moving slowly toward that direction.

Small Twists

I think a small twist between what I think and what most libertarian think is I think small local governments are as good as private sectors.

Also, big private corporations are as bad as governments.

Instead of arguing whether something is private or public we should instead ask whether they have enough competition and when they don’t is their monopoly profit justified through productivity.

I do not see the government having a monopoly of power on an area as something necessarily evil. If it’s a small local government I can just move.

I too have a monopoly of power over my house, my bedroom (my bro have power over 2nd floor). So what?

What’s tricky is if some government gets so big (like both of our governments) and some centralized authority have a one size fit all rule for everyone where people can’t easily move around.

How big is too big? I don’t know. Typically, a nation is big enough to defend itself. Small enough that people can move to other nations if they shot themselves in the foot.

Things like anti-porn laws in Indonesia. Many provinces literally have naked populations like Irian and the Hindu in Bali don’t mind.

Why I am a Centrist

I used to think crony capitalism as awesome. Teach those peasants that we need capitalism or else. Those that are prevented from getting rich due to socialism get rich anyway through crony capitalism. Capitalism all the way dumbass.

Then I got fucked over by many people. By my ex-employee turning competitors. By my lawyer. By an insurance company.

My friends laugh. You like free market so much? Yet, it’s not the government that screw you. You bought insurance from free market.

When my ex employee competed against me, they told me, see? The market just correct itself.

Yet, a guy, named Ahok, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basuki_Tjahaja_Purnama , did his best to clear up corruption. Rivers are clean. Roads are fixed. Flood is gone. No more bribe is necessary to get shit approved. Money is used efficiently, just like what my liberal friends say. Put a good guy on government we’ll get this fixed.

I thought it’s impossible. I thought governments can do nothing good. Well, Ahok governs my city better than my own governing of my own business. My government treats me more fairly than those scammy private entities.

I realized that I am on the same side as the poor. I am a fool too. I am easily scammed. Those evil people laughing their way to the bank with my money. Yes, I am good at coding and math, but that’s all.

So, I began to think, socialism, sucks, but if we rearrange it well, it’s better than chrony capitalism. I begun to have some interests with hybrid systems like Georgism. At least under democracy, or georgism everyone got the same loot and they don’t give incentive for people to loot more.

Then, I don’t know what’s right. It’s complex. Ahok went to jail under “blashphemy”. The chrony capitalists win again, as usual, taking advantage of the mass gullibility and conflict of interests among voters.

I just gave up minding my own business.

Idea for Democracy

I often ask this in mensa and they don’t like the idea. Democracy, as we know have a few problems.

1. Stupid breeding voters problem. So if stupid people breed, they can vote, resulting in dumber and dumber society.

2. Traveling stupid voters problem. People can be stupid, vote socialism/theocracy or whatever crazy things, and then bankrupt his province/state/country, and then emigrate to another country. Hence, stupid ideas “spread” because stupid voters tend to become a refugee. The smart idea doesn’t spread because smart voters like their country and don’t go out.

3. Stupid voters problem. Most decisions in a democracy is too complex for average voters. We have criminalization of drugs because most voters are too stupid to know the drugs are save.

Chrony capitalism is rampant because most voters don’t see the conflict of interests.

Typical corporations, however, don’t have those problems. Shareholders that breed do not have more votes.

New shareholders need to buy more shares before they can vote more. If a shareholder vote badly and bankrupt his company, he can’t just “move” to another company and vote badly again.

Most decisions are made by a smart CEO whose interests are well aligned with shareholders’ interests. I’ve heard people having ideas that nations should be like corporations.

They should have shareholders and citizenship/ownership should be tradeable. Is there an ideology around that? Anyone in Torr has a similar idea?


There is a theory, that’s hard to disprove that henotheism, rather than monotheism, is the original Judaism theme.


Show me bible verses that say there is one God clearly and unambiguously.

I know there are several, but not as easy as you would think. Actually, show me such verse in the early Bible (Torah), for example, or sometimes before Babylonian exile.

One famous verse is the Shema Yisrael. Listen Israel, Yah is our god, Yah is one. The verse is ambiguous. It doesn’t say that Yah is the only god around. It only says that Israel’s god is Yah.

The moabites also legitimately worship Chemosh their god. Such view is called henotheism. In fact, I wonder if Jewish language even has a word for “God”.

In Indonesia, we have the word “Tuhan” and “Allah”. The word Tuhan is made in 18th century by some missionary by adding the letter h to the word “tuan“. Tuan means lord in English.

Other verses clearly state there are many gods. Deuteronomy 32:8 is one such debated verses. In english we have “Lord” which, is like Indonesian’s tuan.

We have “god” which usually means normal “gods” like Zeus, Brahma, Indra, and stuff. The English just capitalize the g in God to create a new word and add “the” before lord to create a new phrase.

The word “Allah” comes from arabic, which simply means “the god”. So no actual specific word to describe the “one supreme god”.

OJ Cases


OJ case is interesting. Gloves with blood. DNA match. A lawyer that use false bayesian network to convince jury that he’s innocent. What’s interesting is that most black people believe OJ is innocent and most white belief otherwise.

They see the same evidence. And that’s not all. When we hear cases where some Indonesian got the death penalty in another country, we tend to think they’re innocent too.

We’re not lying. The evidence is a bit ambiguous. We’re biased. It’s just what humans do.

In free market, biases are punished. Make a wrong code and the programs don’t run. In politic, in court, in so many things, biases are NOT punished. The Jury don’t lose anything for being wrong. Kind of scary isn’t it?

Why we need Competition Between Countries

Boys & Girls Club hires Madison security guard fired from Madison West High School


Is this guy right or wrong? Who cares? The market takes care of it.

He gets fired from a job unfairly and he got another job. The same for prosecution.

One guy goes to jail for being gay. Another goes to jail for not paying taxes. Another go to jail for robbing banks. Another goes to jail for doing drugs.

Are they right or wrong? Do they deserve their prosecution?

As states compete with one another, we simply ask a simpler question. Are those people productive?

If they are, another country will accept them and enjoy their productivity. The bank robbers will be rejected by every country. The rest will have a country accepting them.

Use of Karate Stances

23 years ago, I learn karate.

One of the first things they taught me is how to stand. I had no idea what that’s for. To maintain balance or something.

Yesterday I was on a bus and got no seat. Yet I want to play with my smartphone.

And that means I want both of my hand holding the phone instead of grabbing some hooks on top of the bus.

So I tried some of those stances. Kind of nice to see how learning martial arts still have modern uses.

Why I love the Market

There was a time when I bought stuff from some store and sell it at eBay, pocketing the difference. I soon realize that I’ll make far more money by just promoting other stores and collecting commissions rather than doing the stuff.

That was 20 years ago. I was in US.

So I created a program to scan email addresses and email them an affiliate link. I can’t afford mass mail software so I code one myself. My first check was $1700 in a week. That’s the day I realized I never have to look for a job anymore.

Then I got an email from someone. She claimed she is a single mother of 3/4 kids and that I am taking away her only source of income.

I may be more empathetic and neutral now. However, at that time, I didn’t feel guilty at all.

I can code, she can’t. The market (praises be upon it) chose to give me her market share and hence her money. It felt just fair to me.

I remember seeing almost half of my income gone through tax. Then I saw someone else pay for food using food stamp.

I can code. She can’t. Yet a communist government decides to take my money and give it to her.

I remember going to an interview at Caltech. Everyone talks about how a girl (she’s white) is going to get in. After she left, I ask, how can she get in? Her GRE for Math and Analytical is only 600. I scored almost perfect, I don’t think I’ll get in. They said because she’s a woman.

Then. This single mom told me to stop. She’s a citizen. She has kids. If it’s up to the commies, she deserves all the money. If it’s up to politicians, her pecking orders are way off the chart. I can do anything, and everyone will say she deserves the money.

If it’s up to the market, none of that matters. The market only cares about what I can do, not my citizenship, not my gender, not my race, nothing else, to be honest.

I would say, that’s the first time in my life, I feel someone treated me very fairly in money. Of course, that someone isn’t a person. That someone is called the market.

It also tells me that I do not have to argue whether the free market is fair or not. I can just choose the market to be my boss.

It took years and a lot more learning before I can be truly successful. However, I still remember fondly of my first few successful businesses, the base and foundation, of my other bizs.

Until today, I still love capitalism.

Libertarian Eugenic


I’d say the closest thing that I support is libertarian eugenic. It’s eugenic not counting on government killing the inferior and promoting the superior. It’s eugenic based on free market.

We all want the best genes for our offspring.

The word libertarian eugenic in wikipedia is redirected to assisted reproductive technology. I think it’s 2 totally different things.

Assisted reproductive technology is fine. It’s one of those things that happen on libertarianism.

However, you can increase your offspring’s genetic quality by simply picking the smart. My girlfriend is a student in a state university. V has a dream to work in Germany. L is a smart instagram girl. M sells stuff online. N is a beauty queen. Aging one, but still, she has the best spec. F is the most successful insurance seller. I graduated as an engineer from an American university.

None of those really matter. Women are sex objects. I bet my ass none of them is using their actual skill in real life years from now. However, all those other achievements signal why I am attracted to them.

W, is a massage therapist. She’s actually the most beautiful among the others. But her IQ is only 100. I think I’ll pick her last.